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Information Known by the Garou Nation


Name: DJ Sick Puppy
Aliases: Sick Puppy, John Smith
Rank: Fostern
Age: about 10
Apparent Age: Late 30's
Current Location: Toronto, Canada
Sept: Toronto (Name TBD)
Pack and Position: T.T.C


Homid Form:
Although like many Cyber-Dogs, Sick Puppy has cybernetics, these are not as overt as others have in his Homid Form. Maturing in the CyberRealms, he has grown to a few more years in his short time then he would have if he had spent all his time on Earth. This gives Sick Puppy the look of someone older then he would have otherwise. Quick to smile and bring the same to others, it's quite different then many brooding Garou. Dressing in fashion and style, Sick Puppy often sports a leather coat with goggles, this gives him a doom punk flair.

Crinos Form:
Sick Puppy's Crinos form often takes other Garou's breath away. When decked out, he is covered head to toe in cybernetic armour, leaving no flesh showing. It can be a bit disconcerting to see what looks like a full robotic Crinos, and gets even more so when the firearm attached to its back begins to play music too.

Lupus Form:
In Lupus, Sick Puppy's cybernetic armour darkens and seems to absorb all light. This armoured "fur" gives him a rather unnatural look, and not many wolves would think it very natural.


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Apocalypse PC

Player: Neil K
Auspice: Galliard
Tribe: Glass Walkers
Camp: CyberDogs
Breed: Mule
Faction: Concordat of Stars
Domain: Toronto
VST: aDST Patrick-Seán

IC Email: Neil

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Character Information


Sick Puppy is easy going and quite extroverted. Not having spent a lot of time in normal society in Gaia's Realm (Earth), he is more then a little naive about many things and others true motivations. Having had a rough past, Sick Puppy often comes across as a bit needy but very supportive and excited about his friends. As a Cyber-Dog, Sick Puppy has access to the latest cyberware and is well up to date on bleeding edge tech, which is a bit of an obsession with him.

Performance Works

DJ Sick Puppy likes all kinds of music, but really enjoys "bad-ass fighting music" (which he plays when engaged in any fight).
In addition his passion for music, Sick Puppy loves and is well skilled in Spray-Paint Graffiti.


DJ Sick Puppy (or often just Sick Puppy), was born to a Glasswalker (TBD) from a night of passion about 10 years ago. Malformed at birth, he was unwanted and left to the care of some who would take pity on him. Treated well by some cyberdocs, he was able to survive and function. Spending a lot of time in the Cyber Realms, Sick Puppy has kept up with the latest and sleekest Cyber-Dog tech.

Most recently, he has relocated to Toronto, helping to establish a new Caern there.


  • 2007 - September: Born in secret while his mother was in the CyberRealm, to (TBD Glasswalker Mom) and (TBD). Abandoned to some local Glasswalkers, they brought him to the Cyberdocs for treatment
  • 2014 - Rite of Passage, Sick Puppy joins the Cyber-Dogs in the Glasswalkers.
  • 2017 - Sick Puppy travels to Toronto, helping to establish a new Caern there.

Known Associates


  • (TBD - Glasswalker) - Mother
  • (TBD) - Father
  • (TBD) - other family?

Packmates (T.T.C = Toronto Tribal Council)

  • (Pack Totem) - Raccoon
  • Prime Motivator, (Alpha) GlassWalker - Philodox
  • New Eclipse, GlassWalker - Philodox
  • Shield Bearer, GlassWalker - Philodox
  • Lupita, Black Furies - Ragabash
  • The Collector, Corax
  • Hackles Raised High, Ajaba, Galliard

Other Peeps

  • Steven Glow Bug Anderson, Cyber Doc and Umbral guide

Fallen Allies



  • That's awesome dude.
  • Hey, check this out (pulls out phone)


  • "Sick Puppy isn't bad for a mule. I am glad I was able to help him when he was lost in his younger years." - in regards to the time in Cyber Realm.


  • DJ Sick Puppy isn't really a DJ
  • Sick Puppy is 100% andriod, not a true cyborg
  • Sick Puppy is responsible for 28.7% of Toronto's graffiti problems.


  • Tron
  • Matrix
  • Ghost in the Shell

Out of Character

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  • Family
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