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Commonly Known Information

Name: Daemon

Notable Traits: REDACTED


Character Type Subgroup: UNKNOWN


Chartered Company: UNKNOWN


A hacker that has been plaguing Eridani. No one is sure of their intent or goals, they don't claim responsibility for their work, but analysts have noticed a style in these unexplained feats of computer genius and chaos that have caused them to assign attribution.


  • I heard that they were behind the black out in Ward 2 a few months back.
  • Only a vampire lives long enough to be so skilled with computers.
  • They aren't actually a person, but a spirit that has possessed an AI.
  • There's a Daemon fanclub on the ring, but membership is anonymous.

OOC Information

Player: NPC

Player Email: [TBA]

Storyteller: Raina B

Storyteller Email: sunderedlands.space@gmail.com

Location: MA-005-D