Daina Raive

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Clan: Brujah

Alias: Daina

Offices/Station: Seneschal

Status Held: Noble, Victorious, Honorable by Prince Marcus Stratos, Favored By Elder Isabella Castille, Favored by Elder Lineah



Mortal Life

  • 1988 Born in 1988
  • 1994 Her Family Moves to the Tri-Cities and surrounding area
  • 2002 At 14 both of her parents were murdered
  • 2003 At 15 she would lose her older sister Jade
  • 2013 For the next 10 years she becomes a heavy drug user, becoming addicted to heroin
  • 2013 She goes to a very shady drug deal in a back ally
  • 2013 Wakes up Embraced, with her sister beside her

Kindred Timeline

  • 2013 Embraced
  • 2017 Becomes Acknowledge
  • 2017 Becomes Brujah Primogen
  • 2018 Becomes Seneschal




  • Kat Von D
  • Joan Jett



  • Jade Raive

Open to Ties

Daina Raive

Clan: Brujah
Sect: Camarilla
Domain: Tri-Cities, Wa.
Player: Christian Howard
VST: Kermit James