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  • 1841 City of Dallas founded. Entire territory under control of werewolf tribes.
  • 1884 Werewolves leave abruptly with no explanation
  • 1889 Dallas is established as an Anarch Free State
  • 1922 The Camarilla Barter for control of Dallas
  • 1929 Giovanni Move in to conduct business with the Camarilla
  • 1958 World’s first integrated circuit created at Texas Instruments and takes off thanks to the Ventrue and Giovanni business partnership.
  • 1963 A small temple of Set is established, tensions rise between them and the Tremere. The night before the Kennedy Assassination, an intense feeling of dread overtakes the Kindred of the city. This sensation while diminished, has never completely left.
  • 1972 The Sabbat take over Dallas, the Prince is killed in the attack, those who are not killed flee.
  • 1999 An attempt by the Camarilla to retake the city fails.
  • 2009 A joint effort of Camarilla and Independents form to retake the city. The invasion force arrives to find no trace of the Sabbat. The Camarilla forms a court under Prince Lady Von Jagar.
  • 2017 David Starnes claims Praxis after the Primogen Council removes their support for Lady Von Jagar, who later presumably perishes in a helicopter crash.
  • 2018 January: The city is visited by a Servire and members of the Janus Guard, causing the Primogen Council to remove their support for David Starnes. Adrien Reynard claims Praxis.
  • 2018 March: Prince Reynard is forced to recognize the Authority of the local Anarchs over their territories when Baron Santos of El Paso holds the city hostage over a harpy's prideful words.
  • 2018 July: Prince Reynard meets Final Death at the hands of unknown assailants. Noah Bauer takes on the role of Prince Pro Tempore.
  • 2018 September: Sir Gedrin Marshall takes over the Praxis, appointing a known Caitiff, Chuey, as his Scourge, and a recently unaligned Siren, Adagia, as his Keeper, to much controversy.
  • 2018 November: Two months into his Praxis, Sir Gedrin is rumored either dead or having actively abandoned his Praxis.
  • 2018 December: Elder Aston Price of Clan Tremere claims Praxis of Dallas, appointing Samuel Jones of the Nosferatu as his Seneschal to prevent a contested claim.
  • 2019 January: Seneschal Samuel Jones is murdered. At first, Dvasia of Clan Nosferatu is investigated for this death, but the matter is dismissed and she is named Loyal. Ultimately, Prince Price calls a Bloodhunt on Elder Christian Gerard Marceau of Clan Toreador for sedition and threats to the lives of the Prince and his Seneschal. Adagia declares for the Camarilla and is named Keeper again.
  • 2019 February: The Diocese of Tarrant County sends their first Blood Ambassadors to the Dallas Camarilla Court: Winter Moon, a Serpent of the Light, and Lorenzo della Cava, Clan Lasombra. Harpy Frank declares Ambassador della Cava as Courteous before the court, for his 'gracious manners'.
  • 2019 March: In retaliation for the status Harpy Frank gave him in February, Ambassador della Cava presents him with a prayer necklace made from the bones of 108 mortals he personally murdered to create it. The cold war between Sabbat and Camarilla is felt when he declares to the harpy that for every 'kindness' Frank shows him, he will show the same 'kindness' in return. The brutality of this act causes Frank to frenzy, though he controls it long enough to leave the gathering.
  • 2019 April: Former Baron of Dallas, Thomas Hendrickson attempts to take over portions of the city from the Camarilla and is shortly Blood-hunted and killed for his attempt. Meanwhile, the city discovers that Elder Cyril of Clan Malkavian is an infernal Baali. There is a city-wide scramble to kill the infernalist, which is largely successful.
  • 2019 May: The city bans together to make an attempt to end the Unblinded Brotherhood takeover led by a powerful elder called Bonifacio. Despite being joined by Sabbat from neighboring Tarrant County and members of the Independent Alliance both local and from Houston, the Camarilla-led group fails to take down the elders at the center of the UBB. The only casualties of this attempt were the taking of hostages: Franklin Walker, the city's harpy, and originally Maximillian Abernathy, a Toreador. Mendo of Clan Nosferatu ends up exchanging himself for Max.
  • 2019 June: The Camarilla of the city (along with several visitors from other domains, a pack of Sabbat from neighboring Tarrant County, and a Setite and Anarch or two) finds the majority of their numbers going down into a salt mine in Grand Saline, Texas, to attempt to rescue Kindred hostages held by Elder Cappadocians and their UBB allies. Things look dire from the start, as a series of cave-ins split the groups and several strange obstacles lie in their way. Ultimately, they reach their goals: one group finds the hostages and the other group finds their enemies. Both groups are able to subdue the threats, but are unable to escape before the mine completely collapses on top of them. While the Sabbat managed to get their wounded out after only a few nights, the Camarilla (and some Anarchs and IA) did not retain their survivors until help was acquired from a cadre of Gargoyles and what is rumored to be half a billion dollars in resources and influences used, some two or three weeks later.
  • 2019 July: While Harpy Franklin Walker was recovered from his captivity, and shows his face in Court this month, there is worry that he is not recovered from his ordeal, and the Primogen Council chooses to replace him with Alvie-D. Meanwhile, on the eastern side of the county, the Anarchs are met with a force of out-of-town Kindred who assault and ash R0gu3 0r4cl3 for reasons unknown. Also, the new Anarch Ambassador, Hollis, is known to be a UFS supporter. He notably verbally tears Elder Primogen Elim Scott down a few pegs in Elysium, which causes visiting Ventrue Vincent Kardos to remark that the elder looked weak and unimpressive. Mr. Kardos also notes how the new harpy, Alvie-D had nothing to say to the matter, which he witnessed.
  • 2019 August: The Primogen Council vote to remove their support from Elder Prince Price after he made a series of questionable choices involving deals with the UBB or their splinter groups, requesting blood-testing from each member of the Camarilla, and generally behaving like a tyrant, per the council's discussions. Before anyone can claim Praxis, Lorenzo della Cava of the Sabbat enters Elysium, slits the throat of the Mayor of Dallas, and declares the city for the Sabbat. The mayor was able to be saved, the Masquerade covered thanks to Dominate, and a group of local Kindred make for the neighboring Diocese of Tarrant County, where the Archbishop denounces Lorenzo's actions.
  • 2019 September: Mendo of Clan Nosferatu claims Praxis successfully and begins ironing out positions and courtesies. Sheriff Natalya Zabirov and Anarch Constable Declan Ashby team up to hit locations where the UBB is holding Camarilla or Anarchs hostage. They discover that the Anarch side of town is deeply infested with UBB thanks to some deal the Baron had made with them which they apparently betrayed. Though they are able to save a gang that was holed up under fire, they could not possible eliminate the reported 200+ UBB in the area. September Harpy Report.

Former Prince, Elder Aston Price still has not returned to Dallas, though rumors are that he'll come with fire and blood when he does. The Camarilla court doesn't seem to be worried about an Elder Tremere, having bigger fish to fry in the form of a UBB infestation and getting a new Court in order. The Anarchs too are neck-deep in hostile UBB, though they seem more willing to work with the Camarilla under neonate Prince Mendo than any other in the past. The Independent Alliance seeks territory in Richardson once held by Ventrue House Custance as a stewardship. The only problem is that Richardson is now UBB stronghold, and the UBB were the ones that forced House Custance out. The IA came to the Court seeking to claim that territory but requested aid in removing the UBB. A long debate was had, in which it was decided that the UBB were going to be removed either way and the Camarilla couldn't support an IA claim over that of the Camarilla-loyal House Custance. Instead, Clan Assamite generously agreed to take Grand Prairie, the IA's current territory that borders Sabbat-claimed Arlington, in hopes that the IA felt safer in the Assamite's former territory in south Dallas along the I-35 corridor.



  • On the evening of 09/07/19 on the first night of the new Camarilla Prince of Dallas County. Prince Mendo awards & grants as additional payment to Dr. Alon Phillips of the Sword of Caine the use of his personal herd anytime he chooses. This is in addition to his ongoing payment for his surveillance of the Ventrue of Dallas Tower.
  • Was a conspiracy involving Austin locals the reason Prince Reynard died?
  • The Dallas Camarilla Court is cursed. Rotating Princes and frequently dead officers.
  • The Anarchs plan on taking over the entire city, fed up with Camarilla nonsense.
  • Talk in Dallas is that Austin is a city of mercenaries: groups of them come to town, someone always dies.
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