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Status: None
Sire: Unknown to most.
Social Class: Ancilla
Titles: None.
Residence: Kansas City, MO
Notable Traits: Icy blue eyes, A bear's claw necklace, leather biker jacket.

Dalton is an Unaligned Gangrel who has traveled often, rarely truly calling one place home. He is known to be for hire for almost any job if the price is right, a mercenary first and foremost. He has been known to take jobs as a bodyguard, bounty hunter, simple patrols, or even more... ruthless work. He is also known to be a man of his word, when he chooses to give it. He seems to have no interest in political power or ambition in the realms of status. He holds no affiliation, or grudge, towards any particular sect, willing to work with anyone who is willing to pay enough for his services.

Known Associates

"Status is a leash, do not let it bind you." - Dalton
“Love is blind, but friendship closes its eyes.” - Maris Bell

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Character Information
Clan: Gangrel
Sect: Unaligned
City: Kansas City, MO
Player: Greg E.
Storyteller: Scott M.