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Character Details


Name: Drake Alexander

Deed Name: Damage Control

Previous Deed Name(s): Shields like Water (Cliath)

Tribe: Children of Gaia

Breed: Homid

Auspice: Ragabash

Rank: Adren

Titles: Tribal Second to Harmony "Spins the Wheel" Mason. Leader of The Unicorn Guard.

Notable Traits: Always moves gracefully with measured steps.

Pack: None.

Sept: None.

Society: Concordat of Stars



Gender: Male [He/His/Him]

Apparent Age: 32

Actual Age: 44

Height: 6'1"

Hair: Red, long, curly

Eyes: Hazel

Build: Athletic

Glabro Form: Similar to his Homid form, but his muscles are even more defined and his entire build is bulkier, thick hair coats his limbs and his eyes take on a more piercing quality.

Crinos Form: His war form is a huge monstrosity of feral power, every bit as intimidating as any other Crinos form, however there is something about his movements, a practised grace that mirrors the way he moves normally.

Hispo Form: A huge and muscular red-furred wolf, with a red tinge to his amber eyes, his stance radiating power and menace.

Lupus Form: A red-furred wolf of average size, with amber eyes and an almost serene expression.

Public Information

Dcyy.png Is a Tai Chi Instructor and Master, who is more than happy to teach those who would ask.
Dcyy.png Is a pacifist.
Dcyy.png Everything is all borks and animal noises to him.



Basic Timeline:

Dcyy.png 6th January 1975, born in England
Dcyy.png 15th January 1991, First Change
Dcyy.png September 2008, attains the rank of Cliath, takes the Deedname of Shields Like Water
Dcyy.png February 2009, traveled to Wales
Dcyy.png January 2010, attains the rank of Fostern, takes the Deedname of Damage Control
Dcyy.png March 2010, traveled to Norway, met Skuld and Jultan
Dcyy.png July 2011, traveled to Japan, met Kishi
Dcyy.png February 2014, traveled to the United States met Katie
Dcyy.png Late 2014, still in the United States, met Millie and Evvie
Dcyy.png April 2015, still in the United States, met Kass
Dcyy.png September 2017, re-visited Wales, met Iris
Dcyy.png January 2018, arrived in Puerto Rico
Dcyy.png Early September 2018, attains the rank of Adren
Dcyy.png September 2018, challenges for - and wins - the position of Fool for the Sept of Gathering Tides
Dcyy.png Early January 2019, Iris goes missing into the Umbra
Dcyy.png January 2019, went to Wales to assist in the destruction of a Wyrm Tunnel
Dcyy.png February-March 2019, after journeying to consult Unicorn about the Plague, attended a Moot for the Children of Gaia to determine their response and his challenge result.
Dcyy.png April 2019, wins the challenge to become Tribal Second for the Children of Gaia.
Dcyy.png Late April 2019, forms The Unicorn Guard along with Verity in order to protect Unicorn and her brood while they slumber.
Dcyy.png October 2019, dies in valiant defence of Unicorn in her realm. His sacrifice is not enough, as Unicorn is also slain, but hope will spring eternal.


Dcyy.png Owns a fairly large house that also serves as a training ground for his students on the outskirts of San Juan.
Dcyy.png The house is large and has more than enough space for several people to stay if needed (Size), it's located near the beachfront (Location), is exceptionally well-furnised so that the occupants would need for nothing (Luxury), and is protected by a myriad of security measures (Security).


Dcyy.png Reputedly beat an Ahroun in single combat, during which time the only sounds that could be heard apart from the frustrated Ahroun's growls were utterances of "Stop hitting yourself!"
Dcyy.png On weekends, he sneaks off to dress up in cyberpunk and go clubbing with all the cute goth girls.
Dcyy.png Is known to make people punch themselves in the dick.
Dcyy.png He has a secret bunker filled with ice cream.
Dcyy.png He has more children than can be counted on one hand.
Dcyy.png He is secretly a Fianna.
Dcyy.png Twerks with the best of them.
Dcyy.png (Feel free to add your own)


Dcyy.png "He alright, but hits like a puppy." - Prism's Laughter
Dcyy.png "Another practitioner. Fights the way one should" - Wanders-The-Umbra
Dcyy.png "Wears a flower crown beautifully ... while kicking ass." - Keeva Tulloch
Dcyy.png "I'm gonna marry that boy." - Prism's Laughter
Dcyy.png "For some reason, he doesn't anger me like some of the other asses around here. He also watches my six, what else could I need in a future friend. Bonus he brings snacks and ice cream." - Erin Murray
Dcyy.png "He is my Fool, he guides the Sept and points us to the threats we miss. He gives us his loyalty and we in turn protect him. I watch this Ragabash closely, I see a leader growing before me." - Amasis Sabry
Dcyy.png "A loyal friend, and a damn slippery one. I'm fortunate to have him in my pack. It's because of him that I know the pack in Puerto Rico is safe without me." - Carrion Crowe
Dcyy.png "I don't know when he became Fool of the Sept but I am thankful that he has. He trusts my work and that we will do what we can to get things done. I appreciate his honesty and his belief in myself. I hope that our joint efforts will provide a steady future for our people and his Sept." - Priscilla Lamnidae
Dcyy.png "A patient teacher with a warm heart and a kind soul. I will always be grateful for his lessons, even though I've forgotten most of them." - Tenebrous Harmony
Dcyy.png "Hive diving can make for some fast allies. I'd fight beside him again." - Josephine "Thundercat" Trevino
Dcyy.png "We fought side by side in Wales. His understanding of the battlefield and ability to reduce risk make him a valuable asset to The Nation. More so I appreciate his demeanor. I hope to get the chance to know him outside combat someday." - William Henry Howard
Dcyy.png "He is what many wolves fail to be. I sense he has been lost but he is finding his way. Gaia is watching over him." - Saorise
Dcyy.png "Lives up to his name in our tribe. Not a bad future second." - Matthew "Foxhole" Levine
Dcyy.png "To me, he's very sweet and kind and also took the time to reassure me and I was a shivering mess. He's somebody I'm proud to call a friend." - Azumi Akahoshi
Dcyy.png "Kind of wish he was closer so we could team up more often. He's someone I'm very glad to know." - Three-Step
Dcyy.png "You wouldn't guess it from looking at him, but boy knows how to dance. He's been a great friend and companion and I'm really enjoying reconnecting. Baz really loves having him around. It's a weird little family, but I like it." - Katie Vermillion

Friends, allies, and others

Dcyy.png Kishi, friend and student.
Dcyy.png Iris, friend, traveling companion, fellow trickster, fiancee. Ventured into the deep Umbra and never came back.
Dcyy.png Kassandra Vassos, friend and student.
Dcyy.png Tillie, long-lost daughter.
Dcyy.png Keeva, long-time friend and bundle of mischief. Lost her life in service of Gaia on a Quest.
Dcyy.png Erin Murray, Angry ice cream friend.
Dcyy.png Skuld, an old friend from his travels. Fell in glorious battle.
Dcyy.png Amasis, friend and Sept Alpha (even if there's a communication issue).
Dcyy.png Jultan, an old friend from his travels. Fell in glorious battle.
Dcyy.png Priscilla Lamnidae, ally from the waters.
Dcyy.png Evvie, a friend from his travels.
Dcyy.png Saoirse, a good friend of his daughter's, and by extension, of his as well. Departed from the Nation to raise her children in peace.
Dcyy.png Katie, an old flame who came back with a 5-year old surprise.
Dcyy.png Three-Step, sharing Tribe and Auspice, battle and parties.
Dcyy.png Dippy, a firm friend, his best Scout, and packmate.
Dcyy.png Danny, a close friend, packmate, and considered a brother. Slain by Dancers at a local Hive, but served his Sept well until the very end.
Dcyy.png (Feel free to add yourself)


Dcyy.png Damage Control's Theme (Playlist)
Dcyy.png Leo Moracchioli - Zombie (Cover)
Dcyy.png Terrorvision - Alice What's the Matter
Dcyy.png Queens of the Stone Age - No One Knows
Dcyy.png Blind Guardian - Sacred Worlds
Dcyy.png Within Temptation - Forsaken
Dcyy.png System of a Down - B.Y.O.B.
Dcyy.png The Clash - Career Opportunities
Dcyy.png Dead Kennedys - When Ya Get Drafted
Dcyy.png The Offspring - You're Gonna Go Far, Kid
Dcyy.png Devildriver - Not All Who Wander Are Lost
Dcyy.png Rise Against - Hero of War
Dcyy.png Disturbed - Land of Confusion (Cover)
Dcyy.png Slipknot - The Devil In I
Dcyy.png Linkin Park - What I've Done
Dcyy.png Bad Wolves - Zombie (Cover)
Dcyy.png Leo Morcchioli - Radioactive (Cover)
Dcyy.png The Clash - London Calling
Dcyy.png Jonathan Young - Zombie (Cover)
Dcyy.png Linkin Park - One More Light
Dcyy.png Aviators - Endgame

OOC Information

Player: Please contact aaNST Concordat of Stars and aNST Apocalypse to get in touch with this character.

Story Teller: aaNST Concordat of Stars and aNST Apocalypse