Damien Frost

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Public Information


Concept: Investigator

Name: Damien Frost

Clan: Lasombra

Sect: Anarch

Anarch Ideological Camp: Revisionist

Anarch Gang

Position: Architect of Orange County, CA

Abiding Status

  • Committed to the Anarch Movement
  • Enforcer as Architect of Orange County

Fleeting Status

Current Location: Orange County, CA

Blood Relatives


Sire: Marco the Black

Lineage: Ebi Okunkun

Relatives of Note:

The Revolution





  • Insert your rumor here.


  • "Silver tongued devil." - Vi
  • "Damian worries me. One would think him to be a shadow, often overlooked, and that would be the last mistake his prey makes." - Shepherd
  • "A gentleman and a scholar if there ever was one. Yet behind that gentle exterior is a monster capable of untold amounts of whoop ass." - Roach
  • "Useful bastard." - Domino

OOC Information

Shane West

Cam Number: US2017030014
Home Domain: Orange County, CA
Email: ashkorewd AT gmail DOT com
ST Email: Orange County Cam/Anarch VST

Also player of:

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