Damien Summers

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Commonly Known Information

Name: Damien Summers of House Du Val
Notable Traits:
Society: Camarilla
Clan: Ventrue (Crusader)
Social Class: {Ventrue ONLY:}
Title or Position:



Like a finely tailored suit

It fit your perfect frame

Stalwart, strong, and sure


An arm against the enemy

A shield against the world

You were my fortification


Against the sea of turmoil

You stared the darkness down

And braved it for the sake of others


A second’s thought not given

To emptiness that would remain

You gave yourself to save the world


Unforgiving, oppressive and demanding

Also brilliant, warm, and reliable

You were both these things and more

My joy, My heart

My Pride, My Childe

In my tears, let there be remembrance

Let my Sorrow grant you peace

~ Chaunce duFresne

For Luciana Santora Du Val

In memory of her Childe

Damien Summers

Who gave his life to defend His City

Against the infernal


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  • "You understand the necessity of this? The long term gain of this course of action?" --Mr. Summers

Lineage - House Du Val

  • Ventrue {3rd gen NPC}
  • Alexander {4th gen NPC}
  • Fabrizio Ulfila {5th gen NPC}
  • Name Stricken from History {6th gen NPC deceased} ((Ventrue Only pre First Anarch Revolt: Aquila Livius))
  • Ilythia L'ange Du Val embraced 800 A.D.



  • Catroina MacKenzie 1500 A.D.
  • Eleanore Laurent embraced 1605 A.D.
  • Mathias Hunt embraced 1687 A.D.
  • Charles Du Val
  • Alexander Hastings
  • Slick Rick embraced 1976 A.D {Sabbat}
  • Viktor Arnold

Great Grandchilder:

  • Tavish Du Val 1700 A.D.
  • Luciana Santora DuVal embraced 1970 A.D.
  • Sylvia Kinney Du Val embraced 1946 A.D.

Great Great Grandchilder:

  • Damien Summers
  • Rayne Carroll

Great Great Great Grandchilder:

Associations/Character Ties

Your Name Description of tie to Mr. Damien Summers.
Luciana Santora Martel DuVal Sire.
Lady Eleanore Laurent Original Domitor, Grandsire. Mr. Summers was often seen accompanying Lady Laurent as her retainer for many years before accompanying his eventual sire, Luciana Santora Martel DuVal. Rumor is that Lady Laurent had been a long patron of Mr. Summer's family before his eventual service to House DuVal. To this day, there are rumors that another "cousin" would be added to Lady Laurent's retinue."

Playlist - Efficiency Triumphant

OOC Information

Player: Nathan Pimental US2015050103
Player Email: nathanpimental77@gmail.com
Storyteller: TBD
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