Damon James

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This character has been retired to NPC status

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Known Name: Damon James
Clan: Assamite
Sect: Sabbat
Diocese: Flagstaff, AZ
Pack: Custos Morum
Position: Templar



  • 1970 - Born in Phoenix, AZ
  • 1988 - Joined the USAF as Combat Control Special Forces
  • 1992 - Deployed as part of Special Forces to Iraq
  • 2000 - Deployed as part of Special Forces to Nigeria
  • 2004 - Deployed as part of Special Forces to Pakistan
  • 2008 - Retired from the USAF, returned to North Carolina
  • 2014 - Embraced and brought into the Sabbat
  • 2015 - Travels to Utah to learn from Atrox
  • 2019 - Travels to Flagstaff, AZ Diocese


Born in Phoenix, AZ - Damon was a boy who knew what he wanted to be when he grew up - a soldier. Growing up watching G.I. Joe cartoons and any number of war movies, he worked through school in order to better prepare himself for the rigors of a military life.

Upon his eighteenth birthday, he signed up for the United States Air Force - intending to try out for their Special Forces, the Combat Control. The training was grueling, wearing him down both physically and mentally. Still, he was tenacious - eventually making it through the severe training, and joining the JSOC team.

He spent twenty years in the military - being deployed for the vast majority of the time, due to his career field. When he retired from the military, he returned to North Carolina to find work in the civilian world. He worked private contracts for protection and security, before being Embraced in 2014.

He was brought into the Sabbat, following the footsteps of his sire. After a year or so, he met with an unusual Gangrel oracle, who suggested he find a Cainite in Utah who would be able to provide him with more tools to defeat his enemy. He traveled there and worked with Atrox and his associates.

Eventually he decided to head back towards his home state, taking up arms and heading to Flagstaff to aid the diocese there.


  • He has diablerized his Sire.
  • He was a ghoul who ate his way into vampirism.
  • He's helpless without a sword in hand.