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Known in Battle
Innate Status
  • Initiated in the Sabbat
Abiding Status

Dani--not Danielle--is a young Salubri warrior. Embraced as a shovelhead to battle hunters, she proved herself to the Cainites of San Marcos through her ruthlessness. In a last man standing game, she killed another shovelhead to make sure she was the one standing at the end of the night. She eventually joined her late sire's pack.

Notable Traits

  • 3rd eye (are those lashes real?)
  • Eerie presence - smells like an open grave

What Warriors Say


  • "I know the way to your heart." - Dani
  • "What lovely tricks you have. I'll have to learn them." - Pierce Cross
  • "You know, I should get her some 3 eyed shades... Woman can take a hit from a Gangrel and Gargoyal... What on earth is she made of?" - Aleksei
  • "Your quote." - Display Name


  • Killed her sire upon meeting him.
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Clan: Salubri Antitribu
Sect: Sabbat
Domain: San Marcos, TX
Player: Terry B.
VST: Austin Sabbat VST