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Life and death are illusions. We are in a constant state of transformation. --Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu

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Arthur Dodge, Sire

Melinoe Addams, Broodmate

Jaames Adren (NPC), Broodmate

Eliza North (NPC-deceased), Broodmate

Danielle Gibbons

Zoota, childer

Ezra Thorn, Brood-uncle

Kennedy Thorn, Brood-cousin

(All Descended from Aralia)

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Summary of Dani

From her time as a mortal medium to her post embrace life, Dani has dealt with being surrounded by ghosts. She's done nothing where a ghost hasn't been near watching her. Sometimes these ghosts are benign, such as her mother, and other times they have been neutral or have devious intentions. Her embrace itself was because of the methods she has used to incorporate herself into this "Otherworldly view" beyond the Veil of Death. Dani has never known freedom from this situation and so it has shaped the person she is today. In situations where she's with others (Dragons or not) she can sometimes see the dead of these others when they cannot see them. It is a fine line she walks to not give away these skeletons in closets. Because of this, she often appears stand-offish or aloof, and sometimes people think she's behaving "better than me" when she's actually trying to keep her sanity in the sea of death.

Danielle is both studious yet retains a hint of humor and a spark of mischievousness.


Danielle was a nontraditional woman that came to the attention of a singularly interesting man. He seemed to share her love of death and the supernatural; he enjoyed Edgar Allen Poe, seances, and other supernatural things. She felt very at home with him...until the evening he kidnapped her and turned her world upside down.


1895: September 16: Danielle is born in the afternoon of the 16th. Her full name is Lady Danielle Victoria Gibbons. Danielle was her grandfather's name, and she was named after him. Her immediate family called her Dani.

1899: October 7: Dani had her first encounter with a ghost. Her grandmother's sister would appear to her, and she'd play with Elizabeth--the ghost's name. Her family thought it was cute.

1901: April 8: Lady Margaret began to take Danielle with her to morning visits or afternoon tea parties where seances were held, and other supernatural themed gatherings.

1901-1908: Dani learned which people in her mother's circles were frauds, and which were actually tapping into the supernatural.

1911: July 31: Right before her 16th birthday, Dani asked her parents to please not toss her into the marriage mart again after having several bad events during July.

1912: September 19: Lady Margaret dies from TB. She had been sick for a good part of 1912.

1914: Dani spends most of 1913 and 1914 helping her father. She doesn't mention her natural skills with the dearly departed. Her mother visits from time to time.

1914: December 19: Lord Wrotham passes on. The title of Earl of Wrotham is returned to the Crown. Ouija.gif

1915: April: One of her mother's occult friends introduces Dani to Arthur Dodge at a dinner. She spends a good amount of time with him, talking about the occult as well as other subjects.

1915: December 23: Arthur Dodge embraces Danielle. She is barely 20 years old. She brings with her into her new life her occult skills. Arthur teaches her about Mekhet and in the bloodline skills.

1968: August 25: Dani meets a remarkable man named Adam Yates and makes him her ghoul. Together they continue on through the decades with each other.

1990: April 20: Dani arrived in Ellsworth, Maine to visit her broodmate Mel. She ends up staying in the city and settling down.

1990: June 14: Dani creates a business-- Aquarius_Gifts to do Tarot, Psychic and Spiritual readings and to sell random items to the New Age community.

2018: June 20: She takes Zoota as a ghoul at the recommendation of Abe the Sheriff of Ellsworth.

2020: February 11: Zoota is fatally wounded while on a mission for the Sheriff. Dani obtains permission from the Queen to embrace him. He begins to learn the path of the Ordo.

For more information on Dani, see Dani In-depth


She woke up in his Victorian Manor. It wasn't a perfect place; it needed a female's attention as well as perhaps a handyman or two she thought as she looked about. ...



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  • Shadow and Cross often times find they make the best of allies when the spirit world bleeds to the mortal realm.
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  • Asked once, why goth with her history, Dani's accentuated answer was, "Why not? What other genre allows kindred to be kindred without questions? Our entire survival depends on blending in, and where better for a creature of the night than the culture that erupted from the writings of that mad Irishman?"
  • Dani is that sinful whisper in my ear that beckons with the allure of a good mystery I simply can't resist. — Vidal St. Croix
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Player Information

Name: Denise Lilly
Clan: Mekhet
Covenant: Ordo
Membership: US2002106703
Domain: EC-VIR-D
Storyteller: Caroline Tanzi
Discord ID: Dee#0812

OOC Information

Mortal Information

Danielle Gibbons

Born: Lancaster Gate, London, UK

Currently: Ellsworth, Maine

For more PC information: Dani In-depth


Book: The Haunting of Cassie Palmer

TV Series: Supernatural http://www.supernaturalwiki.com/2.11_Playthings

TV Series: Addams Family (Morticia)

WOD: Victoria Vinter, Malkovian 1.0 Chronicle

Friend: Frankie (Holt) tpo Jezebel Dragolescu

Friend: Adam Temple tpo Simon Yates Dragolescu


Non-fictional Sources

Dani has been accompanied by her faithful ghoul for many decades now, Adam Yates.

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