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The Wanderings of a Fledgling Vampire

Continued from Dani Gibbons

Once she was released from Accounting by her sire Arthur Dodge in 1917, Dani realized that she needed a place to call home among the covenants. Arthur's covenant didn't suit her. She was more of an investigator who hunted down answers and debunked them. That's when she realized that the Ordo might be a better fit.

Arthur knowing that there were a few Ordo among the family sent her to them to learn. In Paris, Claudius and his childer helped her to understand the practical side of the family's affiliation with ghosts and to hone her own skills with working with them. She also helped the war effort where she could. Her other skills were brought out in clairvoyance and automatic writing. She became an apprentice in the Ordo under the mentorship of another of her family. Slowly she began to learn about the covenant and how they approached unlife.

After many years went by, Dani was Sworn into the Dying Light in 1923. It wasn't much later than that when Arthur decided to send her to Venice to learn from the Phasmae there in 1924. Meritus might have been a thief, but she did learn things from him about how to make her Obfuscate better and perfected her Auspex. She also learned about how to shift into a smaller unobtrusive form to slip into places undetected.

After more several years, she returned to London once more in 1930 where she settled in. She had set her financials up prior to leaving for Paris and now was in a good place to do what she wanted when she wanted rather than cater to a male hierarchy-dominated society. One thing she did when she could was to debunk fake psychics--especially during the 60's when they began to pop up like mad around London. She stayed in London for a few decades before getting an invitation to come visit America from her sister Mel. She heads to Ellsworth, Maine in 1990.

Arriving in Ellsworth, Dani decided to stay. The relaxed atmosphere of the small city appealed to her after the bustle of the three major cities she had called home in her life. She began to set up a shop so she could have a mortal-face in society, and did readings and spoke with those that had passed over so that their remaining relatives were relieved. She also continued to debunk frauds and to help those that had hauntings like Benedict with his hotel.

The rumor has it that Benedict asked Dani to come investigate his hotel for ghosts. She came to look and Vidal came with her. When she slipped into the Twilight rather than into Astral, it was a bit surprising, but he took it like a champ and was prepared for anything that might happen. Whatever discussion she had with the ghosts is lost to the echoes of the realm she was in, but it is suspected that she told them to not destroy Benedict's china anymore and to play nice with him. The guests though were fair game. Slipping back out, she rejoined Vidal, let Benedict know what happened, and then wrote a blurb for Benedict's hotel's review website as well as numerous other places to give her opinion on the location as she was well known among the kine as a paranormal debunker at the time. The influx of visitors to the haunted hotel made Benedict very happy and increased his profits.

She continued to work with Vidal debunking or assisting various people with ghosts and demonic entities very happily proving places were not haunted when it was determined to be natural causes instead like electronical fields and plumbing or maintenance issues. Anytime the court needed the occult investigated, they would call upon Dani and her team and off they would go--often with Vidal joining them--to seek the heart of the issue.

Her day to day job so to speak continued with her accepting appointments from clients to do psychic readings for them as she continued to get to know the city and the court of kindred she had found herself a part of.

In 2012, Dani helps Arietta A.M. Chanson with her issues, and mentors her in the occult.

Dani's Apartment in Ellsworth, Maine

Dani Gibbon's Apartment with her ghoul at Liberty and Chapel Streets.jpg

Mundane Information about Dani

Danielle Gibbons

Born: Lancaster Gate, London, UK

Currently: Ellsworth, Maine

Mother's Maiden name: Lady Margaret Grisham

Father's Name: Lord George Gibbons, Earl of Wrotham

Birthday: September 16, 1895

Blood type: A+

Weight: 138 lb (62.5957 kilograms)

Height: 5' 6" (1.6764 m)

Player Information

Name: Denise Lilly
Clan: Mekhet
Covenant: Ordo
Membership: US2002106703
Domain: EC-VIR-D
Storyteller: Caroline Tanzi
Discord ID: Dee#0812


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