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Information Known by Kindred Society

Name: Dani "Spyder" Millan

Notable Traits: Lasombra Angelic Visage

Sect: Anarch Movement

Domain: People's Free City of Council Bluffs

A Look into the Abyss...

1880- Born ins San Juan, Puerto Rico to a Tobacco baron. He is raised in comfort and educated by the finest professors money can buy.

1897- He attended Harvard For a political science and philosophy.

1898- Loses father to Spanish American war.

1900- rushes through his studies and graduates with his B.S.

1901- Loses his mother to illness and enters a dark place, he retreats inward embracing the darkness and hate welling up in him. He is found in florida by a group of abyss mystics and embraced.

1905- Dani becomes the Pack priest of “Heart of Darkness”

1927- Dani starts to have doubts about his faith in Caine and steps back as Priest.

1929- Embraces Daisy in an attempt to hold onto his faith.

1931- Leave the Sabbat

1935- Dani Becomes a full fledged member of the movement, as does daisy.

1940- Dani becomes the man to call on when you need information as he begins to develop his web of spies.

Dani moves around the country never staying anywhere for more than a few years.

1962-1969 Dani takes up residence in New York offering his services to the Anarchs and independents and even the Camarilla.

Dani keeps moving around.

2001- Dani, smelling opportunity, sets down roots in Council bluffs, Iowa.

2008- Dani unites the people of council bluffs behind him and is elected Executive of the free city.

2009- Dani begins to take in those being pushed out or persecuted by the iron fisted prince of Omaha. He is gaining boons for himself and his people, and currying favor with many members of the Camarilla to get this prince dethroned.

2011- Dani Aids the AI in setting up businesses in Omaha to weaken the princes hold on the city and will put his own influence into taking away what power the prince has left.

2012- Dani’s efforts pay off and the prince is removed and replaced with one he had curried favor with, the former seneschal who’s manservant Dani had been keeping safe.

2013- The River City Treaty is signed and a business partnership is set up between Omaha and Council Bluffs.

2017- Start of Chronicle.

Doesn't mater if its true, it only mater if people think it is (rumors)

  • Once sent a hunter team on a wild goose chase in the antarctic looking for "The Thing".
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Whispers from the Shadows

  • "I am not here for transitory power, i am here to build a future that benefits us all. My current concern is the safety and well being of the Free state, and if maintaining that means that you have to greet the sun, so be it. The choice is up to you Ahab, either give up the white whale or wish helios a Buenos Dias for me, ill give you a few minutes to decide." - Daniel Millan
  • "Cainites are so caught up in their own machinations and power plays that they often miss the intricacies and finer points in the construction of a web. Dani has created such a veil with so many crossings that it is nearly impossible to see the man behind that veil. This is precisely as he likes it. He is a Lasombra and as such maintains control over that which he interacts... but, first and foremost, he is an Amador and that alone raises him above all others." - Diego Amador
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Encounters with the Spyder

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OOC Information, Playlist, and Inspirations

Player: Alex Rule

Storyteller: Ruby Dalton-Martin

Location: Omaha, Ne



"I'd like to live just long enough to be there when they cut off your head and stick it on a pike as a warning to the next ten generations that some favors come with too high a price. I would look up at your lifeless eyes and wave like this." -Vir Cotto, Babylon 5

Lord Refa: Oh Londo, you are a fool. You walked away from the greatest power I have ever seen. Now you expect me to do the same? They are the key to my eventual rise to the throne! Why would I abandon them?

Londo Mollari: Because I have asked you. Because your loyalty to our people should be greater than your ambition. And because I have poisoned your drink. - Babylon 5


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