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Commonly Known Information

Name: Daniel

Notable Traits: Wears chainmail armor, has a large bastard sword, Inhumanly cold and pale as he is on a path (Honorable Accord). He typically wears a denim tactical Vest over his Armor, as well as black tactical pants, combat boots and biker gloves. Jut under his dark eyes appears to be gold colored Veins? This a recent change in his inhuman appearance other wise he is still inhumanly pale with dark circles around his eyes typical of those on paths.

Sect: Sabbat

Clan: Salubri Warrior

Pack: Non Nobius Solemn

Faction: Orthodox

Sire: Unknown

Positions: Knight Inquisitor of the Inquisition

Path: Heaven


  • Initiated into the Sabbat
  • Purified (Innate)
  • Devout by Parker Barrows Archbishop of Tarrant County, Texas,
  • Triumphant by completing a War Party Ritae and killing the leader of a Baali Hive on 1/19/2019
  • Battle-scarred by his Ductus Aaron Knight for killing a Demon and a corrupted Lupine in the same night 12/2019
  • Consecrated by the Grand Inquisitor Maria Sandoza for his efforts and the writing of his Petition to allow the Salubri Healers into the Sabbat 4/2020
  • Loyal by Bishop Frankie Omerta of the Martinique Diocese for defending her Torpid body during the battle against the Infernal on 2/2020


Not much is known about Daniel's Mortal life. He does not talk about it much at all. Part of the mass of Embraces of the Nights of Turmoil so was never under accounting and does not even know what Salubri sired him. During the Nights of Turmoil he packed and traveled with war packs of Salubri while they bolstered their numbers up between the years 1999 and 2008. He fought in the Crusade called by Temoch up until the end in 2008 when the mass embraces were deemed forbidden. Was also part of the Grand Inquisition in 2009 to take the fight to the Baali. Not long after this He joined the Black Aces and Moved to Springfield. In late 2017 After His former pack Ductus lost a monomancy for the Bishop of War of Pioneer Valley position the pack disappeared for a year and reorganized. Now the Aces are back and look Hungry. Daniel in particular looks "hungry."

It was not long after the Black Aces return that they got behind Tiziano Farnese and backed him as Archbishop of the Pioneer Valley. For their loyalty Tiziano made Daniel the Bishop of Security and during Palle Grande after Tiziano was given his blood bath he returned the favor and blood bathed Daniel and the other Bishops that served with him. It was later that night that Infernalists and Hunters both attacked the diocese manor house. The attacked was repelled with no cainite deaths but that drove Daniel to hunt down these infernalists.

While he hunted the Infernalists Down Valerie Evans asked the Black Aces to help her defeat more infernalists and their demon master in the Ocean City diocese. Daniel, Gunther, and Dominic of the Aces went to Ocean city and because of the war effort overall The Black Aces felled the blood demon of Ocean City. It is Said that Daniel went toe to toe with the Demon for 20 minutes before Gunther was able to strike the finishing blow against the demon.

Timeline after Ocean City

1/19/2019 Lead the Destuction of a Baali hive in the Pioneer Valley as the Bishop of Security. He was then Recruited into the Inquisition that same night as a Bantling and resigned as Bishop of Security to pursue his goals within the Inquisition.

4/2019 He went to Montreal with Non Nobius Solemn to defeat the infernalists there.

6/2019 Went to Dallas to take care of an infernal threat that the Camarilla were not prepared to handle with Non Nobius Solemn. This included killing an elder Baali, its many fledgling minions and ghouls as well as a broken and corrupted Lupine.

6/2019 Made a Knight Inquisitor of the Inquisition.

6/2019 Honorably left The Black Aces Pack and has joined the pack Non Nobius Solemn in service to the Inquisition.

7/2019 Redacted mission- Successful

9/2019 Assisted fellow Inquisitors in the execution of the Heretic Alexander Iscariot for consorting with an Baali Ghoul.

11/2019 Destroy a Baali infiltrator that hid himself within the Pioneer Valley Diocese for several months and was the master of the ghoul police chief of Springfield Massachusetts.

12/2019 In the Martinique Diocese assisted packmate Knight William Carver AKA Bloody Bill in removing a hunter issue that turned out to be an Infernalist Werewolf attacking the Local Lupines. His biggest kills being a Centipede Demon (1 of 5 minor demons) and a corrupted Lupine.

2/2020 In the Martinique Diocese assisted his pack in killing an infernal threat that went by the name of Melissa and her lackeys.

3/2020 Has acquired the Staff of Saulot after tracking down the remains of an ancient Salubri Healer known as "The Pilgrim", a victim of a failed infernal ritual, as well as Helped in the destruction of a high priest Methuselah just outside Atlanta GA.

4/2020 Has succeeded in his efforts through research and writing his petition to the Sabbat and Clan Salubri to get the Salubri Healers accepted into the Sabbat.


  • He was part of the mass of Embraces of the Nights of Turmoil and has no idea who sired him.
  • He has committed Diablerie more than once.
  • He may have participated in Mass embraces as well during his time with his war packs during the nights of Turmoil. If he has surviving Childer from it he does not mention them.
  • He has recently diablerized and has increased the power of his blood.
  • He is going through a change. Is it for the better or for worse?
  • Add more here...


  • "The moment my eyes fell on his, I knew. I knew he was the warrior we needed. If I could only choose a single Cainite to have my back, it would be him. He is brutal and faithful, and I will always think of him as my shining knight." - Valerie Evans
  • “It's rare to say I've ever truly been humbled. For all my anger, I found an immovable object in Daniel that in the moment I loathed. Ultimately for showing his own strength I was left to look to my own and be proud to call him Brother.” - Dionysus Lanciano
  • "There, my Former Bantling stands before the Sword. He gave his all in our fight, and when I was told to consider him, I made it difficult and forced a choice on him. I expected him to break. He didn't." - Gabriel Thompson
  • "The honor and integrity Daniel holds is the example in which we all should strive to be. Something that is so frustratingly apparent when he corrects me when I falter, I am a better Cainite for knowing him and calling him brother." - William Carver
  • "Though I have briefly met this Knight Inquisitor, I would not want to face him in battle. Especially, if he's anything like Knight Inquisitor Carver or Watcher Jennings." - Frankie Omerta
  • "The Knight Inquisitor is a Cainite of great fortitude and conviction. Even as other of his clan let their hate and lust for revenge control them, he has found a higher calling." - Astraea

OOC Information

Player: Joe Scafidi (US2017090023)

Player Email: nightwolf.heru@gmail.com


Storyteller Email: sunderedlands.masq@gmail.com

Location: Amherst, MA