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Name: Daniel Archer

Spouss Thyra Laskaris-Archer

Deed Name: Cuts like the cold

Rank: Adren

Tribe: Wendigo

Breed: Homid

Auspice: Ahroun

Title: Sept Trailblazer

Mate: Thyra Laskaris-Archer

Pack: Kairos's Gambit

Sept: | Sept of the Cleansing Flame

Society: Concordat of Stars

Camp: The Sacred Hoop

Notable Traits:Large Native American male with a shaved head usually carrying a large tomahawk that appears to made of ice.


  • "I don't know yet if he feels the same, but I would like to call this one a friend." Thor's Vengeance
  • "There is no one I'd rather have my back." Aria Homes
  • "Until you have seen a warrior of Cut's Like the Cold's skill sheer a spirit in half with a frozen tomahawk you may not truly appreciate the accuracy of their deed name." Shoulder's the Burden
  • "It's his circus now, and they're his monkeys. Sucker." Benny Boyd
  • "I believe Gaia had a purpose in bringing us to the Sept of the Hidden Spring on the same day. While we prepare for that purpose, I am also honored to call him friend." - Thomas "Shade Seeker" Whitington
  • "His blood is on our hands." - Aria Homes
  • "No duelist ever had a finer second at their back." - 'Spector
  • "He was a great protector. Let me get into just enough trouble and helped my brother out; a favor I won't forget. The Nation is lucky enough to have his voice and his axe." Amber Lauren
  • "Ya gotta fuckin' respect a Sept Alpha like Cuts. He ain't afraid ta let ya know what he thinks, and he makes decisions. Teddy Roosevelt said not makin' a choice IS a choice, so it's better to make a choice, even if it's the wrong one. So far, I can't disagree with Cuts' choices. Course, we ain't had a chat about Weaver shit, but I ain't gonna assume he's an old-school Wendigo, neither." Leftovers
  • "If we learned anything, it is that there is still hope. I'll fight by your side any day." Josephine "Thundercat" Trevino
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  • He supports rights for Fera and kinfolk as members of the sept.
  • He is involved with a kinfolk named Thyra
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Player: [User:Donn D._US2015120064|Donn D]
Location: Austin, TX
VST: John Poole