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Commonly Known to Kindred Society

Name: Daniel Whitehall

Notable Traits: Retainer of Ansgär Svendsen
Daniel is a self-confident young man from the right side of the tracks. Everything you think you've done, he's done it. He enjoys entertaining large groups of people, usually at his expense. His high IQ is not immediately evident as he often takes on the role of party kid. He places bets on the sure winner. It's gotten him this far, why chance it?

Society: The Anarch Movement

Lineage: House Nova


[1994-1995] Beaufort, SC
[1995-2012] Savannah, GA
[2013-2017] Statesboro, GA
[2017-current] Savannah, GA

Rumors Heard by Kindred Society

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  • Daniel was accepted to every Ivory League college, but he stayed in Savannah to pursue his true passion: sailing.
  • Daniel is the freshly embraced childe of the Elder Ansgär Svendsen.
  • Ansgär "upgraded" ghouls when transitioning to the Anarch Movement, replacing his retainer of the last five-hundred years with Daniel.
  • Daniel is a ruthless businessman; his image is intentionally contradictory.
  • Daniel is card carrying member of Savannah's Good Ol' Boy's Club; its the keycard to all the right places.
  • Daniel is a frequent face at Leopold Whitehall's parties.
  • Daniel has a poker vice - he bets to bet, raises for fun, goes all in for spite, and only calls your bluff.
  • Daniel lost a game to a beautiful lady one night and regrets it every day.
  • Savannah's city wide curfew for minors is solely the result of one of Daniel's youthful stunts.

Commonly Known Associates amongst Kindred Society

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OOC Information

Player: M. Minchey US2013100156

Player Email: immafstabbu@gmail.com

Storyteller: Jay McCoy

Storyteller’s Email: savannah.ca.vst@gmail.com

Location: Savannah, GA