Daniella Redding

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Name: Daniella Redding (Red)

Clan: Pander

Pack: Zéro Merde

Personal Information

Gender: Female

Apparent Age: Early twenties

Notable Traits: Always wears red dress and a hooded red cloak, large blue eyes, Scent of roses follows her


Daniella was embraced in the Dordogne region of France. She was born to nobility and her need to be obeyed, and will to punish those who disobey or disrespect her, has followed her into her un-life. She was smuggled into the US in the 1950's by Anthony Balogna, and followed him to Orange County in 2019. Her pack, Zéro Merde was formed with like-minded individuals, and she has taken on the role of Pack Priest. Though she espouses a lifestyle of "as little responsibility as possible" she takes her role as Pack Priest very seriously and works with her Ductus to inspire and pepare her pack for whatever comes their way. She is considered a moderate within the Sabbat. She was given the title "Red" by Anthony when they met, in reference to her clothes, and she considers it an acceptable nickname for those she knows well.



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  • "Daniella...Daniella...Daniella... Sounds familiar... OH! Red Riding Ho! Oh she's legit. You shoulda seen it. She caved this dudes skull. He was still alive and twitching in pain and it's that kind of artistry I appreciate." - Johnny Bellamy
  • "I prefer love to violence but Daniella is the heart of our pack and if you mess with her we shall rip yours out. I promise your blood would be used for the most excellent vintage." - Julia Leblanc
  • "I thought I was smuggling some dope-ass champagne duty-free, but then out pops this broad in a red cloak. We been best friends ever since, even had some benefits here and there." - Anthony Bologna
  • "Darling, red is a primary color but you are in need of a wardrobe change. You have the cruelty and neurosis, but you have a long way to go before you write your first concerto." - Roy Sariff
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OOC Information

Player: Kathryn Zeimis

Player Email: daniella.redding.oc@gmail.com

Storyteller: Erick Quinones

Storyteller Email: bmk.vst.sabbat@gmail.com

Location: Orange County, CA




  • Anthony Balogna