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“Determination is the key to everything.”

"Unity is power."

What is known...

"You reap what you sow."
"Distance equals disaffection."

Concept: War Veteran turned Politico

Name: Dante

Clan: Lasombra

Sect: Anarch

Anarch Ideological Camp (Anarch Only): Constructionist

Anarch Gang

Position: None

Abiding Status

  • Committed to the Anarch Movement

Fleeting Status

Negative Status

Current Location: Unknown

Notable Traits: Merit: Old Dog, Flaw: Obvious Predator

Who we are...

“One who causes others misfortune also teaches them wisdom.”
"What is learned in youth is carved in stone."


Sire: Étienne Oumar Ezeazu

Lineage: Ebi Ókunkun


Family of Note:

What is said...

"Actions speak louder than words."
"A roaring lion kills no game."

Associates (Both Friend & Foe)


  • Cassandra - A young Lasombra Anarch working on the front lines to help free Kindred from the Sabbat.
  • Cattaveria Salvatore - An old friend who helped recruit Dante into the Movement.
  • Damien Frost - Member of the Stormcrows.
  • Diego Levi - Fellow veteran of the Anarch Movement, both have worked together numerous times in the last 100 years.
  • Domino - Member of Night Watch.
  • Livia - Member of Night Watch.
  • Marco the Black - Childe and Anarch Ambassador for Las Vegas.
  • Osip Ugor-Zhilov - Financier and weapons dealer for the Movement.
  • Richter - An old friend who helped recruit Dante into the Movement.
  • Shepherd - Advisor and confidant.
  • Svetlana Czernin - An old Ventrue ally.
  • Virus - Member of the Watchdogs.
  • Zero - Member of the Watchdogs.


  • Maciek Albescu - Fought alongside and trained Dante on how to fight.
  • Roman - A wise and patient mentor who has been like a sire to Dante, at times.


  • Was personally recruited by Marguerite Foccart to help the Anarchs seize a number of empty territories in 2010.
  • Trying to start a shadow empire in the South-West Region.
  • Looking to start a Third Anarch Revolt.


  • "The highest compliment I can give him is to say he is a living Lasombra. We only raise the best." - Roman
  • "He is my favorite anarch clan-mate, well other than Lorena but I can have two favorites right?" - Cassandra
  • "Your enemies are his enemies. His enemies are your enemies. Good friend, great operative." - Osip Ugor-Zhilov, Architect of Sanctuary
  • "Yeah, we have our history, and we'll have even more if I ever catch him in my territory. And if you actually believe some elder European Lasombra Committed himself to The Movement so he could champion kindred rights and protect humanity, you're as stupid as you look." - Luca Muscato, Constable of Brooklyn
  • "For all his strengths, his greatest fault is his inability to realize the greater impact he can have for the Movement." - Zero
  • "I've always looked up to him as a mentor and role model. He treats each of the Watchdogs as if we were his own family. His enemies are my enemies and I'd have it no other way." - Vi
  • "I would never play chess with Dante. After moving the first piece, he has already won the game." - Shepherd
  • "A true Mastermind, his vision is what's helped unify so many Anarchs together. It's inspiring." - Roach
  • "His actions speak for themselves, just get out of his way." - Domino

OOC Information

Character Soundtrack

Imagine Dragons, "Believer"

Player Information

Erick Quinones

Cam Number: US2002022535
Home Domain: Orange County, CA
Email: vrykos AT hotmail DOT com
ST Email: San Diego Masquerade VST

Also player of:

  • None