Dante Storm

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Fae Mein

Changelings who meet Dante immediately take note of his vivid blue eyes that literally spark with electricity. His skin has a gray tinge like a cloudy day, and when the lights are dim, he glows a light blue. The air around him smells of ozone.

First Impression

Dante can often be found on the fringes of a gathering, often the perpetual outsider. Once you get him talking through, he is filled with passion and heart.

Known History

Not much is known about Dante. He acts as if he has recently emerged from the Hedge, and he has yet to join a freehold or even a Court. He says he is from Somni, but there is no record of him ever being from the planet.

The man is an untrustworthy set of mysteries, which makes the Changelings he meets wary.



  • "A valuable member of the city! He always has information for me before I even know I need it!" ~Ree
  • "blahblahblah." ~name


  • Dante is a spy sent by the True Fae to keep an eye on the Changelings of Somni and report back.
  • Dante was a small time thief who never really amounted to anything.
  • A guy named Dante was killed a few decades back on Trajan. Someone went to prison for it.