Dar Adan

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Proverbs 24:6: Surely you need guidance to wage war, and victory is won through many advisors.

Nom de Guerre:

Name: Dar Adan
Society: Dispossessed
Clan: Banu Haqim

Deep Background (History)


Assets (Friends and Foes)


Notations (Quotes)

  • "All zealotry is dangerous, which is how I know he is utterly deadly." - Irma Kardos
  • "I enjoy befriending the most interesting, and Elder Dar certainly qualifies as such. His daring smile alone creates a curiosity only more conversations can satisfy." - Rowan Byrd
  • "He's either being really smart, or thinks he's being really smart. If it's the former, it will be interesting to see it play out. If it's the latter, he'll make an interesting red splotch on a wall somewhere." - Bryson Cobb
  • "Sorry, I literally only know one Assamite, and I don't see him right now. Pretty sure that means someone's about to cease to exist." - Jaxon
  • "While we cannot return to our home, we also cannot look backwards. We can only look forward." - Elijah Zacheaus
  • "He's oddly willing to share his wisdom. It makes me wonder what price he hopes to extract at some future date. Until then, I enjoy his company and his insight." - Djeserit al Malik, Blessed One of Burning Waters
  • "Every word you say, every game you play, every night you stay, I'll be watching you. That song was written as a warning label for Dar Adan."- Jack Rider, Elder Prince of New York
  • "Alles klar? Der kommissar?" Jack Rider, Elder Prince of New York
  • "Chess plays out on the board. Chess plays out on the battlefield. Chess plays out in the mind." - Maciek Albescu
  • "Sterk arm. Godt sverd. Han har også en ære til ham jeg har ikke sett på lenge." - Olaf
  • "I have so much left to learn. This glorious battle ought to happen some day." - Tamara Rose Linden
  • "He was... a pleasant surprise." - Roman
  • "It is entirely possible for Elder Vampires to very successfully get along with the Anarch Movement, to the betterment of all. It does require that the Elder in question have some skills when it comes to numbers. Elder Dar Adan has shown that he can do math. We'll see if the rest of the Mountain can be taught to actually count." - Dottie Youngblood
  • "The pillars are held up with our hands together, Brother." - Gabriel
  • "This individual is a curiosity... it is difficult to tell where his personal agenda ends and that of the Mountain's begins, but trust that I and others are watching closely to spot the difference." - Liam Kincaid
  • "When one tries to slay me or mine, I require a reason to spare them. In the case of Dar Adan... time will tell if I was wise or no." - Augustin de Aragón, the Adder
  • "Yeah, that elder was staring at me and my crew from across the room so we said hello. After about a five minute conversation, I can't imagine approaching anyone else if I needed information about individuals in the Houston domain." - Waylon
  • "For one-thousand, one-hundred, and one nights Scheherazade recited a thousand stories, and through her patience and craft, the Shah fell in love with her, and her life and the lives of countless others were saved. Oh, would that I could seat Dar long enough to try..." - Rumi
  • "You should appreciate how brotherhood has gifted you your life. Without our ties of family we perish to nothingness. Without our honor our souls are nothing." - Egil Agmundr
  • "Does not matter if Dar Adan needs protection. Can take care of himself, I am sure. But still, tonight, he has protection. Wherever he goes, Foundation will be there." Adyton
  • "I watch carefully." - Seamus Montague
  • "He judges in silence, death at his feet, revenge at his side. Do I fear my old mentor? You would as well if you know what's good for you." - Zahira Isfret
  • "Dude is like a fucking like super hero. Like protecting the humans, like all about like doing the right thing. No like wonder like people want him dead." - Karma

OOC Information

Player: Dain Geist
Player Email: daingeist@gmail.com
Storyteller: Sudiptya Banerjee

Storyteller Email:houcam.vtm.vst@gmail.com