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Noble (Primogen)
Loyal by Jason Baxter

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Adopted Childe of Felicity Marie Abelard-Dawson, House Everard

Embraced Childe of Lady Grey,
Descended of Thomasine Cary,
Childe of Ar'Dom,
Childe of Cerik Maraslav,
Childe of Mi-Ka-Il,
Childe of Arikel,
Childe of the Second,
Childe of Caine

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Hong Kong


Hamilton, ON
Toronto, ON

Prague, Czech Republic

Bath, UK
Devon, UK
London, UK

Bordeaux, France
Dijon, France
Lyon, France
Marseilles, France
Montpellier, France
Nice, France
Paris, France
Saint-Tropez, France
Toulouse, France
Versailles, France

Berlin, Germany
Cologne, Germany
Luxembourg, Germany
Hanover, Germany
Munich, Germany


Florence, Italy
Genoa, Italy
Milan, Italy
Naples, Italy
Rome, Italy
Venice, Italy



Geneva, Switzerland
Lausanne, Switzerland
Zurich, Switzerland

Gainesville, Florida
Orlando, Florida
Sarasota, Florida
Tallahassee, Florida

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"Beauty is visible music. Beauty is the promise of happiness.
Beauty is a nectar which intoxicates the soul. Beauty is man's voucher for immorality..." - T.C. Henley

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Exquisite, cultured, refined, demanding, superficial, opportunist, manipulative, and utterly fabulous. These are all words that have been used to describe Darien Grey.

While he technically may still be a neonate, this champagne bubble Toreador secured a Confirmed standing in European Camarilla society through his connections, travels, and his unique pedigree. Canada, however, has treated him differently as the majority of Canadian kindred have little to no connection to the old world.

Graced with gifts of captivating beauty, a flair for manipulation, and very flexible morals, Darien is exceptionally fortunate and has seemingly glided through life by artfully insinuating himself in the glittering world of its upper crust.

He possesses a combination of aloofness and reserve with an insatiable appetite for glamour and amusement. The dichotomy of his sometimes icy reserve and sometimes effervescent joie de vivre often results in a dangerously charged air of fickle favour and capricious indifference.

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While Darien was Embraced by a Toreador in 1900, he was adopted by the Lady Felicity Marie Abelard-Dawson soon after and became a member of her noble house. From that point forward, his name was changed from Darien Grey to Darien Dawson.

He toured Europe with his adopted Maman during his period of Accounting. Lady Felicity believed it important to have a broad and diverse education that extends beyond the Traditions and Protocols of the Camarilla so that one does not not become provincial. Under her Accounting, they visited many courts and came to know a great number of people. During an extended stay in Malta, he was mentored by Madam Madeleine Tonnerre, who was Harpy at the time. She fostered his interest in becoming a harpy himself and encouraged him to “not just be a pretty face”.

In1920, Lady Felicity released him to make his own mark in the world. He continued to travel, as he had with his Maman, visiting new cities and meeting new people. During this time, Darien connected by Madeleine to his "grandmama" Thomasine Cary in France. She took him under her wing and taught him about his clan. They still communicate frequently to this day.

He was then introduced to, and mentored by, another Elder Toreador, who helped him hone his art and how to use his charms and beauty to weave a fantasy that kindred and kine willingly succumb. And with these teachings, Darien sampled every delight and luxury Europe had to offer through the kindness and generosity of numerous wealthy gentlemen - both kindred and kine - who desired his company in exchange for a steady diet of money, favours, art, and treasures. He began using Darien Grey as his "professional name" and began exhibiting his collection of art accrued from these mutually-beneficial liaisons and toured Europe in a repeating circuit hosting salons and soirees where he would auction the pieces to both kindred and kine, as well as acquire new "patrons".

It was during one of these salons that he met fellow Toreador and sculptor Gasparo de Pietro Veronese. The two began a love affair that spanned several decades from the late 1920s to mid 1960s. When WW2 came about, they liberated art from Nazi-occupied lands and added the pieces to his exhibitions. While they toured Europe with the exhibition, they resided primarily in Monaco. Shortly after their relationship ended, Darien accepted the patronage of Lysander Falconbridge and resided with him in Marseille for some time.

By the late 1960s, Darien was known to serve as a broker for a number of art suppliers. Some of these individuals include the anarch Baron Winston Rubens, the Toreador Jaime Mendoza, and Darien’s "brother" Maksim Volk.

With the help of the Toreador Maximillion (Max) Abernathy, Darien took his tour out of Europe to the U.S. for a very brief run, where he became friendly rivals with Paris Devoreux and "Bonnie" to the Ventrue Rex Aegrum Cruciaman Von Stroheim's "Clyde".

In the early 2000s, Darien became the consort to Sir Robert Stanley, a Ventrue Elder from Bath. During this time, he seemingly vanished from the social circuit only to reappear briefly in Switzerland during tensions between the Ventrue and Brujah in 2015.

He ventured into North America via Canada in September 2018, landing in the tripartite court of Hamilton where he quickly became Toreador primogen. Now, he finds himself in a brave new world full of new opportunities and new advantageous friendships…

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  • Appearance: Strikingly beautiful (even amongst Toreador), Darien's flawless features are the epitome of youthful beauty. He appears to be in his early 20s and is of mixed East Asian and Caucasian descent; exotic and different, but familiar enough to not be threatening to western sensibilities. He has green eyes and tends to incorporate some kind of diamond in his outfits. He's often seen with a signature scarf tied in a bow to resemble a flower.
  • Notable Traits: Darien carries himself with the poise of one who is accustomed to attention. He behaves as the star of his own movie and is perpetually ready for his camera close-up. He maintains the blush and vitality of life, which adds to his allure. His English accent is as mercurial as his personality and changes from vaguely Imperial to vaguely mid-Atlantic.
  • Demeanor: Alternately elegant and flamboyant, intellectual and vapid, serious and gregarious, cold and passionate, Darien is whatever he needs to be as the situation – or his whims – demand. While skilled at decorum and diplomacy, he is often blunt to a cruel degree to those who don't live up to his exacting standards.
  • Habits: Darien is a habitual serial monogamist with a long list of former lovers: a number of wealthy and powerful gentlemen - both kindred and kine - who desire his company in exchange for money, luxuries, and favours.
  • Art: His art is himself and his ability to captivate through his appearance. He refers to himself as a muse, who inspires artistry in others. By captivating and inspiring through his radiant and scintillating existence, he believes he elevates others to greater heights.

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  • "He is very annoying... annoyingly pretty. Annoyingly competent. Annoyingly capable. Annoyingly connected. Of course, if you say those things about him, I will not take it kindly. He is my brother." - Maksim Volk.

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  • "We hear he's nothing but a pretty face. And if it's true that beauty is only skin deep, it explains why he's so shallow."
  • "He's an artist, not a poseur. He's a sculptor of personality - a political black widow."
  • "Sources say he's a polyglot... and a terrific lip reader."
  • "Apparently, he's not even kindred. He's a Cathayan... cause, you know, he's Oriental looking."
  • "He has friends everywhere, in every clan, and in every sect."
  • "Darien Grey isn't a Toreador. He's a Ventrue spy."

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Theme Song: Keep Young & Beautiful - Annie Lennox
Notable Merits: Personal Masquerade & Whisper of Life
Character Ties:I love character ties and collaborative storytelling! Email me if you want to make ties!

Darien Dawson (Grey)

Clan: Toreador
Sect: Camarilla
Social Class: Neonate
Domain: Domain: Katharsis: Bloody Assize
My Email: Kenny C (CA2011080201)
VST Email: Leanne White