Darius Žiūrovas

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Darius Žiūrovas

Kaip senieji giedojo, taip jaunieji dainuoja. ~ Lithuanian Proverb

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The Basics

Name: Darius Žiūrovas (AKA "Da Z")
Clan: Tremere Antitribu (Telyav)
Sect: Sabbat
Faction: Orthodox
Pack: Via Dolorosa Formerly Hora Morti (Other pack members met final death)
Position: Bishop of Spirituality (Pasadena)
Status: Initiated (True Sabbat), Blessed or Enforcer (Bishop)

A Little More

Darius is an enigmatic Telyav Tremere who speaks with animals and objects as often as he does Cainites or mortals. His magical views are decidedly animistic and his outlook and practices can be described roughly as "Urban Pagan Shaman". The rest of the members of his former pack, Hora Morti, died in an attack for which he was not present. He returned from an overnight trip, only to find their communal haven smoldering, having been burned down during the day, with no evidence of firefighters having ever arrived to put out the blaze. The doors had been barred and the windows blocked off by heavy metal shutters that had been applied from the outside. Recently, he was accepted as a member of the pack Via Dolorosa.


  • He can't actually talk to... things. He's just crazy and imagines that objects can converse with him.
  • How convenient that only he survived the destruction of his former pack. That doesn't seem suspicious to you?
  • I heard that he's not a Tremere or Telyav at all; he's secretly a Gangrel who learned some magic and rituals and wanted to avoid questions about who taught him. How many Tremere do you know who can summon and communicate telepathically with animals?
  • (Rumors go here)

Comments / Quotes

  • * "This Cainite wanders alone with no pack yet still does the work of the sword...he is either a very skilled spy...or a very dedicated soldier...I anticipate the revelations of either." - Vox Umbra

OOC Notes

Open to ties. Shoot me an e-mail.

Darius Žiūrovas

Bloodline: Telyav
Sect: Sabbat
Domain: Houston, Texas
Player: Sam B.
VST: Walter Holt