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as Judge Inquistor

by Archbishop Iago de Herrera


Mother Superior


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"I tread the path of Righteousness. Though it be paved with broken glass, I will walk it barefoot; though it cross rivers of fire, I will pass over them; though it wanders wide, the word of the Caine guides my step."


To consort with the heretic is to endanger one's purity. But to lie to an Inquisitor is to forfeit your soul.


"Do not shirk! Do not falter! Give them death in the name of Caine!"

Darius is a known loremaster and Judge Inquisitor. As head of House Parcae, he does not appear to clearly define how any of the members are related to him. His English is strongly accented and he seems to dislike speaking it. In current nights, he maintains a club that caters to mortals and vampires, Symfonia.

Notable Traits:

  • White silver hair
  • Ornate curling black horns
  • Angelic Visage


1750 - Darius comes to the New World.

1825 - Darius took Viktor Kaiser along to assist in purging a Tremere chantry of heretical materials.

1920 - Adopts Rosette with Mariposa, his longtime Tzimisce partner and mate.

1980 - Supports his first ever bantling Malachai for Knight Inquisitor.

1990 - 2010 Torpor under the care of his pack and Mariposa.

2010 - Woken from torpor by Iago. - Resettles in Texas.


From others:

  • "We.. didn't get to interact much. I hope once I'm no longer so inexperienced this can be changed." - Hannah Phillips
  • "Do you feel that catch in your throat? That's your guilt. That shiver traveling your spine? That's your sin made manifest. Do you see the shadows creeping into the edges of your vision? That is Darius coming for you. Stay loyal and devout or you will learn the error of your ways. I promise you won't like his lessons." Archbishop de Herrera
  • "Some say there is no justice among the dead. They have not met Darius." - Ansel
  • "The Inquisitor Darius embodies dichotomy. Only the wise would know him truly, all others see only what he wishes. It is an admirable skill, and a deft deception." - Zână
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From himself:

  • House Parcae has Anarch members.
  • Darius has exotic tastes in blood, torture and amusement.
  • There have been songs and ballads composed about him over the years.
  • One of his love letters to Mariposa was once published in an extreme horror small press and won a prize that year for best erotic fiction.
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Darius Escarra

Clan: Lasombra
Sect: Sabbat
Domain: San Marcos, Tx
Player: Brax Abston
VST: Kevin Whiteside

Player: Abraxas 'Brax' Abston
MES Number: US2014040070
Location: Austin, TX
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