Darius Montbard

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Name: Elder Darius Montbard
Notable Traits: Aura of Command
Society: Camarilla
Clan: Ventrue (Crusader)
Social Class: Elder {Ventrue ONLY Dignitas lvl }
Title or Position: Knight of the Blood


Both history and I have forgotten the names of the children of my womb. My true legacy lies with the sons of my blood, each a perfectly exquisite monstrosity. --Ilythia DuVal


  • Elder Montbard is a Knight Templar as well as a Knight of the Blood.
  • AKA The Wolf


Lineage - House Du Val

  • Ventrue {3rd gen NPC}
  • Alexander {4th gen NPC}
  • Fabrizio Ulfila {5th gen NPC}
  • Name Stricken from History {6th gen NPC deceased} ((Ventrue Only pre First Anarch Revolt: Aquila Livius))
  • Ilythia L'ange Du Val embraced 800 A.D.


  • Pau Lamarca embraced 1312 A.D.
  • Darius Montbard embraced 1441 A.D.
  • Jonathan Slane embraced 1492 A.D. {NPC Sabbat - Believed to be Dead}
  • Hugo DuVal embraced 1750 A.D. {Sabbat}


  • Catroina MacKenzie 1500 A.D.
  • Eleanore Laurent embraced 1605 A.D.
  • Mathias Hunt embraced 1687 A.D.
  • Charles Du Val
  • Alexander Hastings
  • Slick Rick embraced 1976 A.D {Sabbat}
  • Viktor Arnold

Great Grandchilder:

  • Tavish Du Val 1700 A.D.
  • Luciana Santora DuVal embraced 1970 A.D.
  • Sylvia Kinney Du Val embraced 1946 A.D.

Great Great Grandchilder:

Great Great Great Grandchilder:

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OOC Information

Player: J. The Aussie
Player Email: us TBD
Storyteller: Ken Gibbson
Storyteller Email: mesmaconvst@gmail.com
Location: Based in Macon, Georgia