Dark Vineyard

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Dark Vineyard



Assamite Brujah Gangrel Malkavian Nosferatu Toreador Tremere Ventrue
Ra'id Kazem Jane Doe Ricky Love Phoebe Gwydion (None present in City) Yvette Hightower Övé Háskell Paul Jones


The hungry Undead gather in the city of Kelowna. A city too small in population to safely maintain the number of Kindred that have come to gather here. The Kindred find themselves in constant competition for space in the few places the Kindred of Kelowna are permitted to feed within. The Masquerade is in constant danger because of it. The Prince's Scourge is busy indeed keeping any more from taking the precious flow of vitae from those already here. Each Clan finds themselves in a constant struggle to maintain their place at the table. It's all the Camarilla can do to maintain their control over the city as factions of Anarchs and Independents join the struggle to find their place in the city. Violence has yet to explode, however it must only be a matter of time before one must take from another to survive the nights of hunger in Kelowna. The Prince's Sheriff is busy indeed enforcing the Traditions in an effort to keep all in line.

How long can the Prince and officers of the Court keep this city from the precipice? Alliance and betrayals abound, the rat race begins now...

Setting (Full VSS)

"The snow-white crown of the Ivory Tower" - Phoebe Gwydion


Empire Building/Morality


Covetous Desperation

Kelowna's Feeding Domain



  • David Stuart of the Pacific Fur Company traveled the Okanagan. He is the first recorded white man to see the Valley. He established a route, later to be known as the Brigade trail through the Valley to Kamloops. Over this trail passed large trains of men and horses, bringing goods in and furs out.


  • First Kindred presence arrives. Believed to be Gangrel. Little is known about this individual.


  • First European settlement of the area by Oblate missionaries. Father Pandosy, Father Richard, and Brother Surel establish a mission for Natives, traders and new settlers to the area. The site they chose for a Mission was known as L'Anse au Sable.
  • Rumors of a red eyed bringer of sickness are heard by the clergy. It’s believed at the time to be heathen superstition


  • Mcdougall Trading Post established
  • Rumors continue of a red eyed beast wolf. Natives have gone missing only to be seen late at night with red eyes.
  • There are a number of skirmishes between the Gangrel and Lupines. The Gangrel find themselves pushed closer to the growing settlement.


  • The Presbyterian church at Benvoulin was dedicated


  • Lord Aberdeen Canada’s Governor General purchases large tracts of land in the area and has Guisichan House constructed.Built by the Earl of Aberdeen, it was named 'Guisachan' by Lady Aberdeen for her childhood home in Scotland. Guisachan means 'Place of the Firs'.
  • A Ventrue by the name of Jonathan Kilmartin made himself known in the area and laid claim to the area. He brought a small coterie with him. Minor clashes with a small number of Gangrel in the area.

1904 - 1905

  • July 1904 R.H. Spedding established Kelowna's first newspaper, the Kelowna Clarion. In October 1905 George Rose took it over changing its name to the Kelowna Courier.
  • Jonathan Kilmartin solidifies his power base in the area and pushes the Gangrel out of the area and assumes Praxis. The Gangrel retreat into the wilderness and aren’t seen again.
  • Kelowna was incorporated into a city on May 4, 1905. The new city had a population of 600. Its first mayor was Henry (Harry) Raymer.
  • The coterie of Kindred supporting Kilmartin begin to establish themselves and building the budding city in their image. Tobacco farms, a sternwheel ferry SS Aberdeen, Lakeview Hotel, telephones, and more.


  • Kelowna Hospital opened. Dr Benjamin Boyce came to the area in 1894. He served the entire area first on horse, by horse and buggy, and finally by motor car.
  • The first Kelowna Regatta was held in 1906. This consisted of canoe and boat races, swimming, diving, and water oriented events. Soon competition with other towns in the Okanagan began. In time, towns as far away as Vancouver (even before the road link) came to the annual event. With these crowds came more Kindred. Prince Jonathan KilMartin creates a Courtesy allowing those Kindred to remain during the Regatta’s on the condition they leave the Domain within 3 days of the event’s end. To enforce this he names a Nosferatu named Fogarty as his Scourge to encourage visitors to move on as necessary.


  • Electricity is brought to Kelowna
  • Kilmartin and his coterie continue to build the city relatively unhindered.


  • With boons and influence, Kilmartin and his coterie secure a deal through their mortal thralls to have the C.N.R. linked up Kelowna to its rail service, Kelowna was no longer entirely dependent on water transportation


  • Construction of the Okanagan lake floating bridge was completed.


  • Kilmartin is forced to repel a Sabbat attack. A roaming group called the Carter Pack. An embraced family enters the city wreaking a degree of havok. Kilmartin is forced to name a Brujah names Axel as Sherif. He prevents the Carters escape by ordering the lift span to be raised, thereby cornering them in City Park. A bargain is struck. The Carter Pack is forced to give up Ole Lady Carter to the Scourge Fogarty in exchange for allowing them to leave unhindered. She is not seen again. The pack leaves the area.


  • Through their collective Thralls Kilmartin and coterie manage to lobby the federal government to fund improvements to Elison air field which becomes the Kelowna Airport.
  • The Bennet family becomes very entrenched in provincial politics. Kindred in the province laud Prince Kilmartin’s skill at influencing regional politics. Both WAC Bennet and WR Bennet serve in BC’s politics for many years.


  • One of Kilmartan’s advisors goes missing. The prince orders the Scourge to scour the city for intruders. Fogarty “finds” a Caitiff that is given the blame. Without question the Caitiff is granted Final Death.


  • The Carter Pack is seen in the area again. Though they don’t enter the city Kilmartin sends Fogarty to make sure they remember the terms of their agreement. The Scourge requests that the Sheriff join him to do so. When Fogarty returns he tells a story of how the Carters attacked and killed Axel in retribution for Ole Lady Carter. Outnumbered Fogarty was forced to flee.


  • Vancouver Expo begins. Many bargains are made for funding. Kilmartin is at the center of them.


  • A visiting dignitary doesn’t arrive as a Letter of Presentation had foretold. Kilmartin questions his Scourge and comes to discover that Fogarty has murdered the visitor. Kilmartin declares a Blood Hunt immediately. Fogarty flees. When his haven is found they find evidence of Fogarty’s guilt in a number of murders. Diablerie is believed to be his motivator. Fogarty is never caught.


  • Fogarty is seen in Kelowna again. The resulting hunt for him causes a fair bit of uproar. Kilmartin declares that Fogarty is to be Bloodhunted.


  • Prince Kilmartin receives the Patronage of a ranking Elder of the Ventrue. He begins to take the Ancilla Brujah Selene D’Etienne under his wing as his replacement for Praxis. She shows promise and is soon fast tracked to Praxis.


  • Prince Kilmartin leaves the city. Power changes to Lady Selene D’Etienne and he and a number of his coterie take their leave to parts unknown. The new Prince takes the reigns of power but all is not well. There is some unrest at the change of power to a Brujah’s hands.


  • A number of the Domain’s Kindred rise up and attempt to overthrow the new Prince. In typical Brujah fashion the attempt is put down hard and fast. The last of the old guard take their leave of the city following their failed coup. The Ventrue Kira Mantle is then named Seneschal to secure Selene D’Etienne's Praxis.


  • Recent nights have seen an influx of new kindred to kelowna. The city has swollen with hungry clans competing for Domains to feed themselves.

VSS Information

Official VSS document here.

Contact Information

VST Name: Gus

VST Email: Kelowna VTM VST

DST Name: Noel

DST Email: Kelowna DST


Domain Code: CND-010

Hosting information

Dates: Biweekly Saturdays

Times: 7:00pm-11:00pm

Location: Please check our Facebook page


Downtimes are done on | Kelowna's Raisinvine

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Storytelling Mechanics

This chronicle focuses on the alliances and bloodlines that vie for the best seats at the table. This is a primarily Camarilla/ Anarch game with the occasional Independent /Non Aligned clan tipping the scales to the highest bidders. The character will find themselves in high tension situations and may find themselves entering play low on blood potentially because of another character's actions. Skills such as Medicine may well become necessary to preserve blood in the event a feeding downtime goes awry. The hunger of their respective beasts will play a large role in the initial opening months of the game.

Herd The Herd background is not permitted at character creation. Modified feeding rules for our Domain will be used to enhance the dynamic of the Hungry Undead scenario.

Players will be encouraged to build their herds in the opening months of the game. Feeding is an integral part of the theme we are looking to begin our game with. Players should feel the encroaching activities of other characters acutely as their characters begin their existence in Kelowna. Building a herd and learning how to protect it both politically and literally. With help, our newer players will learn how to navigate the Camarilla politics, the Traditions, and downtime actions. Learning how to be creative will be an asset to players in order for their characters to protect what is theirs.

Feeding Kelowna will be using domain specific expanded feeding rules. In the past we have felt that this integral part of Vampire the Masquerade experience has been lacking. We have devised a system that will simulate success or failure of a feeding action. Attached is a link to these house rules. They will be tested during the opening months of our game to check their viability and smoothness. We want this to be as simple and easy to use as possible. Feeding Map

Special Policies

  • Background: Herd cannot be purchased before game start
  • Flaw: Nightmares not allowed
  • Skills that are usually purchased multiple times (Crafts, Science, Performance) are treated the same as other skills, with one additional specialty per dot. Science provides an additional downtime action per dot, with each action relating to the character's science specialties.