Darth Pernicious

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Lord Pernicious.png

(OOC: all credit for this picture goes to Humans-R-superior on deviant art.)

Commonly Known Information

Name: Darth Pernicious

Notable Traits: Path Yo, Inhuman looking, Androgynous, Eerie Presence

Sect: Sabbat

Clan: Tzimsce

Pack: TBA

Pack Position: Ductus

Sect Position: Bishop of War


1961- Nicholas King was born
1986- Nicholas King Embraced
2006- He becomes Lord Pernicious instead of Nicholas King. He also changes from human into his current form.
1999- Dialberie Started investigating the occult.
2003- Started training his accolytes to find the best of the best for the sabbat.
2004- Successfully translated some occult texts to get him further. Started elevating some supplicants to "apprentice." Made Sith Beasts.
2005- Started enlisting other help pulling people with knowledges on languages using them and then discarding them just to translate some occult tests. Went through many people in this time period.
2006- He started on his path his mind broke and he obsessively researched. He started spending much blood capturing vampires in the wars.
2008- He had to stop his mass aquisition of people and his hunting of other sect members for survival, hunters almost got him. Since then he retracted and started learning the finer points of honing his rage and using his mind to control his passions.
2017- Gained a new apprentice, Gained a Lord under him elevating to "Darth" in his mind.



  • The bitch is bloody crazy. Hell she thinks she can wield a light sword that can cut through schools I'd like to see that man, She sure is sexy to see in action though.~ Random Blood Brother
  • I saw this guy get in a road warrior race the fucker impaled himself on a pike and pulled himself all the way down. I think If I still could eat I would vomit. ~Squeemish Sabbat initiate.


  • "Living up to the standards of those who challenge our beings is how we grow and evolve, regardless of if we impress or annoy them." Odium
  • Quote here.

OOC Information

Player: Jennifer Stauffer, US2003051594

Player Email: mirrim83@gmail.com

Storyteller: James McCaffrey Songs of the Sands

Storyteller Email: vst.sabbat.reno@gmail.com

Location: Gloconda Nevada


Haven: Wouldn't you love to know?

Human name if you knew him before: Nicholas King

Birthday: September 14th 1961

Age: 56

Tropical zodiac: Virgo

Occupation: "Alchemist"

Height: 6' 8" (207.3 centimeters)

Weight: 220.4 pounds (100 kilograms)

Favorite color: Black

Quirks: Considers himself a "Sith"