Dashiell White

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Name: Dashiell "Angel" White

Clan: Gangrel?

Sect: Unaligned

City: San Antonio, TX

Bio: Dashiell, known publicly as "Angel," is an inscrutable figure. His stories often don't match up, and they rarely follow a logical timeline. He seems to exist without purpose, speak without thought, and act without cause.

Dashiell Public History Banner.png

  • 2018: Angel arrives in San Antonio without warning.

Dashiell Quotes Banner.png

  • "Angel is the best Fifty Dollars and a cup of coffee I ever spent" - Vengeance
  • "Angel is fantastic and I want to punch everyone that has made him always tear himself down. Also it's nice to have someone else who's as over his head in shit as I am." - Kyle
  • "Your quote here" - Your name here

Dashiell Rumors Banner.png

  • Angel is on the run from a number of powerful people, mortal and otherwise.
  • Angel is an ancient Methuselah, awakened and roaming unchecked.

OOC Information

Player Name: Austin Bonecutter-Knight
Player Email: lotcha@live.com
MES #: US2011057707
Domain: San Antonio, TX
ST: sanantonio.masquerade@gmail.com