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Commonly Known Information

Name: Davar داور

Sect: Unaligned

Clan: Assamite (Warrior)

Society: Loyalist


Abd al-Qadi ibn Sayeh al-Haqim has been operating in the Al-Andulus region since the 11th century. Abd al-Qadi participated in the Anarch Revolt and the attack on the Castle of Shadows. A mountain loyal Assamite that avoided the Tremere curse by joining the Sabbat as Unconquered. When Ur-Shulgi broke the curse in the late 1990's he returned to the Mountain. He recently took up the name “Davar” to declare his separation from Islamic influence. Davar is an Elder Unaligned Assamite that has created an American base of operations in the Rocky Mountains.


Unofficial Keeper of Elysium in Denver, CO
Exceptionally concerned about protecting humanity from Cainites


Assamite Warriors (of any Sect) looking for a lineage, are encouraged to contact me.

OOC Information

Player: David Eccles

Player Email: shadowmedicine@gmail.com

Storyteller: Connor Hoskins

Storyteller Email: denver.mes.anarch@gmail.com

Location: Denver, CO