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Although she looks like an aging punk, she is still known in Silicon Valley as one of the foremost experts on user experience and her academic and practical work on human-machine interaction is spoken of in hushed tones. Given how embedded she was (and still is?) in mortal society, she was probably a more natural fit for Ventrue or Toreador, but House Aragón of Clan Tremere snapped her up, joining the ranks with her ex-husband, Peyton Fetterly.

Apparently in her mid-40s, Davi Fetterly was not a young woman when she was embraced a decade ago.


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  • "We show the truth of our character most readily when our world is crumbling before our eyes; in what we leap to defend, what we accept, and what we choose to do next. Davi refused to bend, until she broke; then put herself back together to be once more unbending. She has important lessons to learn, to teach... and perhaps to be." - Augustin de Aragón
  • "What can I say that hasn't been said before?" - Your PC's Name
  • "What can I say that hasn't been said before?" - Your PC's Name


To facilitate ties, these are the stories I'm primarily trying to tell this chronicle. Most of these are deeply personal and I have intentionally limited background ties to focus on telling stories now instead of in background.

The Older Neonate: Davi isn't a young woman when she's embraced; she's in her 40s and despite some setbacks in her life, she is, by all measures, successful. Her embrace is the result of a botched mugging and some poor choices by her sire. She's now at the bottom of a very weird pyramid and it doesn't entirely sit well.

Complicated (Un)Lives (Part 1): Faking her death and sending her to another chantry would doubtlessly have been the wisest course of action, but who has ever been wise? Davi's primary contributions are her deep influence in the mortal world - the types of influence that would take decades to properly remake. At the time of Davi's embrace, the world was in crisis and every ounce of resource and influence was needed *right now*. By the time the Red Star fades, Davi's entrenched in the Bay Area chantry and is doing her level best to ensure no one wants her to leave, either.

Complicated (Un)Lives (Part 2): And all of that mortal influence? It comes with business associates, friends, a husband, two mortal ex-husbands, two kids, a first grandkid any year now, an aging Jewish mother... all of whom need to be managed, all while keeping the masquerade maintained.

You can't take it with you (or can you?): All of this contributes to the knowledge that Davi only has another five or ten years at the outside to keep up her mortal existence. After that, she'll have to transfer her life to another chantry... or maybe not.

Davi Fetterly

Clan: Tremere
Sect: Camarilla
Domain: San Francisco, CA
Player: Roo Wetzel
VST: Tanya Telson