Davian Martikov

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Known Information
Name:Davian Martikov
Notable Traits:Very Russian
Lineage:Doesn't like to talk about it
Sire:Deceased, Murdered in Anarch Revolt
Apparent Age:Mid 20's
Known Age:Has been active for 40 years, spread out
Occupation:Fortune Teller
Russian Mafia Pakhan (Mob Boss)
City:San Bernardino, CA (Recently moved from Russia)
Status & Standing
Current standing within the Camarilla
Titles* None
1899Born in St. Petersberg
1917Fought in Russian Revolution (White Army Side).
1917Seemed to have gift of prophecy and fortune telling.
1918Left war to come to US for safety by family
1920Begins building Russian Mafia on west coast
1922Becomes popular fortune teller.
1940sAnarch Revolt happens on west coast, Davian is sent back to Russia to lay low.
1940s-2002Inactive, voluntary torpor
2002-2017Awakens in Russia and rebuilds mafia connections, rises through ranks.
January 2018Moves out to LA to become famous fortune teller.
May 2018Pilot episode filmed, not accepted by any networks.

OOC Information
Player:Gerard Gully
Player Email:moscowmystic@gmail.com
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The ad in the paper said 'Big Sale. Last Week.' Why advertise? I already missed it. They're just rubbing it in. - Yakov Smirnoff

Under capitalism, man exploits man. Under communism, it's the other way around. - John Kenneth Galbraith

Many people make a good living pretending to be psychic. Is good luck that I actually am." - Davian Martikov

Immigrants: We get the job done. - Lin-Manuel Miranda


Whiterussianrose.jpgDavian Martikov's story is the classic Eastern European immigrant story: a man flees communism and comes to America where is is subsequently turned into a vampire and becomes a crime lord. Growing up with a life of privilege, his parents sent him to the US during the Russian Revolution. After being embraced into Clan Toreador because of his art of fortune telling, he used his newfound powers to enhance his prophecies.

Eventually, when the Anarch revolt happened, Davian felt history repeating itself. Another group of lazy people who want to upset a perfectly good status quo are violently rising up once again. Preferring mortal danger to undead danger, he returned to his family in Russia and laid low until communism (inevitably) fell. He then returned to America to find, much to his relief, that the Camarilla had established themselves on the West Coast once again. He learned a bit about the world and decided to go to Los Angeles to become a famous fortune teller. Having seen the TV show "Long Island Medium", he had decided to become the "Moscow Mystic". He knew that Hollywood would love this concept if he could pitch it right.

Unfortunately, it's more about who you know than whether you have a super amazing TV show idea, and Davian was shut out by the Hollywood elites. He has been forced to live on the border of Los Angeles and San Bernardino, which upsets him to no end because of his dislike for Anarchs. He refuses to go to San Bernardino events because of the large anarch population, unless forced to. They remind him of the communists.


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  • He isn't actually psychic, but a con man.
  • His Russian mob connections are so inept that they can't even get him a TV show.
  • His broodmate is a notable anarch.
  • His sire was killed by the Tower during the revolt.
  • He secretly revels in the Russian stereotype that he is.


  • ANARCHS: The only thing worse than communists.
  • THE INDEPENDENT ALLIANCE: Rival business competitors, but respectable ones.
  • THE CAMARILLA: "The only sense of dignity and decorum left in these nights."
  • THE SABBAT: "Blood-bond-enforced communists."
  • TOREADOR: "A great community that should come together to take the entertainment industry by storm."
  • VENTRUE: He secretly believes they might be the ones shutting him out of Hollywood.
  • BRUJAH: "I could use a guy who punches like they do."
  • MALKAVIANS: "Nutjobs who always trying to weasel in on his schtick.
  • TREMERE: "Is like Harry Potter, but without sun."
  • NOSFERATU: "They look like they live in Chernobyl. "
  • ASSAMITES: "Sneaky hitmen. Much respect."
  • GANGREL: "They shave less than Russians do."
  • RAVNOS: "Is like Gypsy, but vampire, no? "
  • SETITES: "I guess someone has to make sexual.... how you say... innuendo."
  • GIOVANNI: "Real recognizes real."
  • LASOMBRA ANTITRIBU: "Somebody not pay their electric bill."
  • DAUGHTERS OF CACOPHONY: "Opera singers who missed their calling."