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Commonly Known Information

Name: David

Notable Traits: Unfailingly polite, calm, and considerate, but definitely not on the Path of Humanity.

Clan: Lasombra


Little is known about the Kindred who calls himself David. He currently serves as the Architect for the Anarchs of Houston and is known to be an ally to both the Camarilla and the Independent Alliance of that city.


  • Most Lasombra used to be Sabbat, didn't they?


  • "David is a kind gentleman. I think. It's hard to say. He has good ideas and he is very proper. But there's something...not there...when you look him in the eye..." - Emma-Rose Kinkaid


OOC Information

Player: Kevin B.
Player Email: at gmail
Storyteller: Dain G.
Storyteller Email: houcam.vtm.vst@gmail.com
Location: Houston, TX