David Archer

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David Archer

Clan: Ventrue
Lineage: House Martel
Sect: Camarilla
Class: Neonate
Titles: Deputy, Whip, Manager (Ventrue only)
Player: Warren Schnur-Holmes
Domain: Boston, MA
VST: Jason B.


Description and Notable Traits

  • Wears a selection of colorful ties.
  • Easily distracted by Kindred science.

Status Traits




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Dr. Archer believes in science to the point where he believes it can help to understand truths about Clan distribution, bloodlines and strange Disciplines. He's also a mid-30s Jewish Embrace from NYC who has moved to Boston. Dr. Archer is currently engaged in a study of Kindred physiology, and is always looking for volunteers.

It is known that Dr. Archer is particularly good at modern identities. He can create, alter or shift personal details, and set up ways for older Kindred to maintain their resources without risk of government attention.

Dr. Archer is a casual gambler. He enjoys a good research session, and very much likes old books and maps.

Dr. Archer recently was gifted a lovely puppy from Prince Mowebary. The pup is named Vashti, and Dr. Archer has expressed interest in learning Animalism.

History: Timeline

  • 1979: Birth
  • 2006: Embrace
  • 2008: Release
  • 2010: Completes his Agoge. Moves in Boston within a few months
  • 2015: Serves as Ventrue Primogen of Boston
  • 2017: November - Serves as Event Harpy for Regional Conclave of Hartford, CT


  • Dr. Archer has never killed anyone. Ever.


  • "My beloved eldest sends me a childe to take the measure of, a fosterling....Does it have a name and a House? A pretty title?" - Ilythia L'ange Du Val
  • "I have long stopped wearing ties, given how they only seem to attract spatter, but Dr. Archer has preserved the habit. I wonder if he will ever give it up. I wonder what other old habits he is willing to let go." -- Dr. Graves
  • "Honor and the preservation of duty is what sets Doctor Archer a part from all other neonates." - Valeria Brunsvick
  • "Vulgarity is no substitute for Wit." Luciana Santora DuVal
  • "A dear friend and ally, and a fellow academic. I pray often our existence doesn't bite his young heart in half." - Zebulon Kessler
  • "A Kindred spirit, and not just by blood. We will be eyeing this one's research with great interest..." -Thaddeus Moreau