David Banner

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Commonly Known Information

Name: David Banner

Notable Traits: Sarcasm surrounds him like a miasma of contempt.

Clan: Caitiff


David "Just Banner" Banner is a young Caitiff who is new to the city of Houston. No one knows what he can do, but they're pretty sure it's not good.


  • Banner chose the Anarchs because of how poorly the Camarilla treats its Caitiff


  • "We do not choose the circumstances of our creation. What we do choose is what to make of said creation and, in this regard, Banner has chosen wisely." - David
  • "Banner is a hottie. And creepy. Which might make him hotter." - Emma-Rose Kinkaid


Emma-Rose Kinkaid Edith Finch
Rue Amaranth
Rene Gascoigne

OOC Information

Player: Sudiptya B.
Player Email: sudiptya.banerjee at gmail
Storyteller: Dain G.
Storyteller Email: houcam.vtm.vst@gmail.com
Location: Houston, TX