David Drachs

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David Drachs


Clan: Lasombra
House: House Dispar
Sect: Anarch Movement
Gang: TBD
Other affiliations: Liberty Guard.
Notable traits: Eerie Presence
Title: None currently. Sometimes jokingly known as "The Anarchtopus."

Known to Kindred Society

David Drachs is a mercenary member of the Anarch Movement.

Willing to work for Camarilla elders, Anarch gangs, and Independents

alike, he does the job he’s paid to do with discretion.

Quotes About David Drachs

  • "A precious few exhibit qualities that personify what it means to be Lasombra. David Drachs is one of them." Morvenna Mathias
  • "Quote here" Name

Character Inspirations

  • Alex Krycheck - The X-Files
  • Grant Ward - Agents of SHIELD
  • Tom Keen - The Blacklist
  • Boba Fett - The Empire Strikes Back

OOC INFO: Player: Brian McKinley
MES: US2005096425
Email: xuemertie@gmail.com
VST: Marshal Crutchfield
VST Email: nyc-masquerade@gmail.com