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Known Information

Character Information
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Name: David Nebzim

Type: Unknown - Human?

Character Type Subgroup:

Union: Merchant Union

Chartered Company: NTI

Notable Traits: A 6' man of average stature, he has brown hair and blue eyes. Wearing what appears to be a mixture of a high tech powersuit mixed in with fashion and more advanced mechanics. He looks fairly durable and keeps a lose eye on the nearby area.

System: Tomb of the Dying Sun

David Stryker, sometimes known as Hephaestus, is the CEO, owner, and primary inventor for NTI, a chartered company out of the Merchant Union focused on providing the best equipment for all situations possible. David was sent out to the Expanse early in his teenage years, with the backing of his family he immediately began working to ensure that NTI was created and that the Nebzim family name would continue to grow in a positive light.


Basic Timeline:

  • 22-June-4042: Born to House Nebzim within the Core, Sheltered Elite.
  • 4058: House Nebzim worked to ensure that he was well taken care of as he was sent to the Expanse as a teenager.
  • 4059: Started up Nebzim Technological Industries in order to provide for himself.
  • 4060: Receiving a pamphlet for the new colony in C-4RL0T-3 he finds his way to the system and station as one of the first settlers only to discover that it was nothing like he was told. No laws, no rules, just gangs and pirates controlling territory and following some rather weird traditions.
  • 4100: Completed acquisition of Mercy (Misery) Habitat and began the process of creating an Orphanage, Hotel, Manufacturing and Research and Development facility.


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  • His work speaks for itself. Man's gonna go places. I'd be on that ship when he does, if I were you. - Radam
  • He is going to be the one to make the dream reality, or he'll become everything we hope he isn't. - Prin Dawnbright
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OOC Information

Player: Michael Bryan

Player Email: camarilla.mike@gmail.com

Storyteller: John Foster

Storyteller Email: charlotte.space.vst@gmail.com

Location: Charlotte, NC