David Solomon

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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: David Solomon, known to the Nation as "The Cavalryman."

Apparent Age: 50

Rank: Fostern

Auspice: Ahroun

Tribe: The Get of Fenris

Pack: Rogue Elements

Camp: None

Faction: Sanctum of Gaia

Sept: Sept of the White Fields


David Solomon was born a kinfolk to the Black Furies and lived his life with but one dream: to someday be chosen by Gaia and Pegasus and fight the good fight, and until that time serve as he could as kin. That dream did not come quite as he expected.

When his daughter, Reidah, experienced her First Change and was taken in by a pack of Fenrir's children, David made the hardest decision of his life. He requested The Bite from Thorin Ljunborg, the Blood Reaver, and followed his daughter into training as one of Gaia's elite warriors. The transition was hard, especially for a middle-aged man who led his life in hopeful service to a different Incarna, but eventually he settled into his new role as warrior rather than defender, earning the deed name "The Cavalryman" for his skill with a bow and with horses and his excellence at ranged support in his pack's battles.

After the Eclipse of 2017, David was never quite the same. A Shadow Lord from the Sept of the White Fields, Veiled Assets (who was then Black Tongue), convinced him to move himself and his remaining family to Western Massachusetts to protect the reformed Sept there and its new Caern. He now serves as a Guardian of that Caern.

In December of 2018 David defeated his own daughter, Strikes With Conviction in ritual combat to become the Master of Challenges.

In April of 2019, as part of his mission to prove himself to be worthy of the Adren rank, he was tasked with serving as the Warder of the Caern of the Sept of the White Fields.

OOC Information

Player: Joshua C Smith

Player Email: Email

Storyteller: Joshua C Smith

Storyteller Email: Sundered Lands Domain VST

Location: Western Massachusetts