Davina Morgan

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Davina Morgan

  • Clan: Lasombra
  • Embrace date: 2005
  • Generation: Ancilla
  • Sect Affiliation: Anarch

General Information

Very little is known about of her history as she rarely talks about it. In fact, she has rarely been seen by any kindred ever until recent nights.


  • 2005: Embraced


  • She is believed to be a mortal descendant of the Brahan Seer.
  • She is cursed by the sidhe because her mother offended one on the light of a full moon.
  • She was born on All Hallow's Eve near a ritual her mother was practicing, and she got possessed by a evil spirit.


  • "Few creatures in this world embody the darkest aspects of the soul as much as her." - Michael Baird
  • "Aunt Davina is everything I am not, beloved of grandfather, a seer, and at peace with her nature." - Chess



OOC Information

Player: Victoria Boyd
Player Email: davinamorgan05@gmail.com
Storyteller: Ki Finnson
Storyteller Email: kifinnsson@gmail.com
Location: Salt Lake City, UT