Davis "Follows-The-Money" Flynn

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An IC idea of Davis
Glass Walkers

=== Information Known by the Garou Nation ===

Name: Davis "Follows-The-Money" Flynn

Notable Traits: Makes natural-born Garou feel uncomfortable, though they can't put their finger on why.

Pack: Silverhawks

Society: Concordat of Stars

Rank: Fostern

Sept: Sept of the Willow

=== Biography ===
Age: 22

Height: 6'

Weight: 168 lbs

Blood Type: O

Likes: Anime, Fantasy, SciFi, PC Gaming.

Dislikes: Consoles, People That Whine Instead Of Doing Something About A Problem, CyberDogs.

Davis, or Davey as he's known to his friends, will tell you that he used to be a pretty normal guy. Part-time job at Pizza Hut, crappy car, girlfriend, and just starting out at IUPUI School of Computer and Information Sciences. Then things went sideways. He doesn't like to talk about what happened or how he came to be a Garou, but he's let slip that it involved a CyberDog and is the main reason he dislikes members of the Camp.

Davis was grouped together with a pack of Cubs that were coming up at the same time, the group given a goal to accomplish together and each given individual goals as well for their Rites of Passage. Davis, for his part, has never explicitly stated when the entirety of his task was, but the gist of it was that he was the one to track down the vampires. A group of the bloodsuckers had moved in and were causing issues, but were proving exceptionally hard to find as they were adept at covering their tracks. So Davis used his special skills and tracked the cover ups. "Follow the money" as the old adage goes, or "Follow the rich white dude" as Davis likes to say it. He's a fan of Chris Tucker, sue him.

Once Davis and his pack were confirmed as Cliaths, they immediately set about trying to improve themselves. Davis, who was fascinated by the Umbra, set off and found himself a teacher to learn about about the mysterious other realm. His pack set up a territory around their school, each of them being students at IUPUI, and found a small home nearby. Since then, the pack has slowly but surely been making names for themselves as young-and-upcoming members of Garou society.

=== Other Notes ===
* None of the records of him show anything of interest. Average student, lives with other college students not far away, owns a PTSD dog, and has no criminal record.

=== Allies ===
* Kazuya "Wings of Love" Junkatsu
* Renee Matthews
* Hacks the Wyrm - A mentor and friend.

=== Rumors ===
* Davis doesn't really act very much like a Garou. He has a mindset much closer to a human's.
* Davis doesn't think much of CyberDogs, but he's not openly hostile to them.
* Davis is a go-for for an older man, his second part-time job.
* It's said that Davis is Child of Gaia kin, but ended up a Glasswalker.
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=== Quotes ===
* "This is my kung fu. And it is strong." -Davis, quoting Rat from The Core.
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=== Inspiration ===
* Rat from The Core
* Kevin Tran from Supernatural

=== Playlist ===
* Super Human Samurai Syber-Squad Opening
* Guren no Yumiya Cover, Attack On Titan Opening
* Shinedown - I'm Alive
* Database, Log Horizon Opening
* Blessed With A Broken Heart - Forever
* Will Smith - Black Suits Comin'
* Skid Row - 18 And Life
* Coheed & Cambria - Welcome Home
* Pat Benatar - Invincible
* Within Temptation - Faster
* Skillet - Hero
* Starset - Monster
* Foo Fighters - Best Of You
* Mad Machine, from Bubblegum Crisis
* Downplay - Hated You From Hello

=== OOC Information ===

Player: Greg White

Player Email: gregw1987@gmail.com

Storyteller: Thomas Harden

Storyteller Email: vst.apoc.in014d@gmail.com

Location: Indianapolis, IN