Dawn's First Light

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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Ed Velez-Belfour

Deed Name: Dawn's First Light

Breed Homid

Rank Adren

Auspice Dawn

Notable Traits: Had once bore the moniker "Disgraced", but no longer.

Pack: Damage Inc.

Sept: Sept of Victor's Stand

Sept Position: Wyrmfoe


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Coming Soon



  • "Ed is good for a dirtwalker, he is mindful of his duties." - Victor Hadan
  • "Ed is... Well, let's just say we work very well as a team. Just ask the spiders in Denver."' - Kallista Black
  • "This one taught Crunch lots of two leg things. Like fighting, and Shaken Spear's writing, and that it's okay to run so you can fight later. This one likes him." - Crunch
  • "Our own heart, and not other men's opinions, forms our true honor.” ― Samuel Taylor Coleridge." I could really stand to internalize this.."' - Ed
  • "The first to sacrifice, down to the bone. He knows what it takes to balance." Missy
  • "Ed and I have only worked together once, but I found him dedicated, dependable, and more than competent. I would gladly fight by his side again." - William Henry Howard
  • "Dawn's First Light has demonstrated a standard of honor all garou can respect" -Waits Like Thunder



[Captain America]

[Malcolm Reynolds]

Ed's Playlist

[Iron Maiden: The Trooper]
[Bolt Thrower: At First Light]
[Bolt Thrower: The Killchain]
[Corrosion of Conformity: Albatross]
[Iron Maiden: Wasted Years]
[Pantera: Fucking Hostile]
[Metallica: Damage Inc]
[Red Fang: Prehistoric Dog]
[Shaman's Harvest: Tusk and Bone]
[Clutch: Electric Worry]
[Sabaton: Primo Victoria]
[Type O Negative: Cinnamon Girl]
[I Mother Earth: So Gently We Go]
[Truckfighters: Desert Cruiser]
[The Cult: Peace Dog]
[The Cult: Black Angel]
[Septic Flesh: Annubis]
[Prong: Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck]
[Helmet: Unsung]
[Black Sabbath: War Pigs]
[Pink Floyd: One Of These Days]
[Baroness: War, Wisdom, and Rhyme]
[King's X: The World Around Me]

Player: Jason Helms
MES #: US2015060082
Domain: Shrine of the Crimson Star, Co-012-D, Pueblo, Co
Storyteller: Forrest Holt

Location: Pueblo, CO