Dawn of Fimbulvetr

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Information Known by the Garou Nation
Deed Name:Dawn of Fimbulvetr
Notable Traits:Always in lupus. Cares little for humans.
Tribe:Get of Fenris
Sept:Sept of the Hidden Spring
OOC Information
Player:Lucas C.
Player Email:lucas.c.mes@gmail.com
Storyteller:Stephanie W.
Storyteller Email:sc.austin.apocalypse@gmail.com
Location:Austin, TX


Dawn of Fimbulvetr is almost always found in lupus form of a large grey wolf with a patchwork of old scars across his back and flanks. It is common during combat to find him wearing a large proto-wolf skull over his lupus head that is carved with many nordic runes and garou glyphs.


  • TBD

Connections and Accomplices

Public Timeline

  • Birth
  • First change
  • Rite of Passage
  • Challenge for Fostern
  • Travels to Austin, TX


  • Rumor me!


  • "Steadfast, dedicated, and ruthless. He is the best of what the Fenrir offer the Nation." Momfriend
  • "There is a tension between he and I. Unfortunate circumstances, but we are still tied together at the roots of heaven and earth. The future will be as it must." - Tsomo
  • "Like his preference for wolf piles to scritches, this one is not to be taken lightly. Duty first. I look forward to teaching him the joy of jokes, dry humor, and the art of deadpan."- Choden
  • "Dawn of Fimbilvetr is a true Modi and a skilled Wyrmfoe. I look forward to many more battles with him." - Gunner Osterholt
  • "Quote me." - your name