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Character Information

Name: Lilian Vigne

Sect: Anarch

Bloodline: Daughters of Cacophony

Positions/Titles: Gang Representative

Status: Committed

City: Denver

Gang: The Front Range Mafia

Description: Lilian is a tall, well-fed, female of Caucasian descent and possibly in her mid to late twenties. Her bearing is regal enough, though her comportment is shaky at best as she walks with a cane at all times and seems very much to need it. Her dark hair is short-shorn and her eyes, a sort of gold-brown hazel, are rarely seen to carry the lighter emotions. When you have her attention, however, Lilian gives as much focus as is hers to spare.


  • "Quotes here!"


  • "Lilian confirmed that she doesn't perform anymore."
  • "No one spends that long with the Sabbat and escapes free of their influence. She is an infiltrator, I tell you!"

OOC Information

Player: Katie "KT" Faulkner

MES Number: US2002021288

Location: Denver, CO


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