Deanna Knight

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Name:Deanna Knight
Deed Name:Photon
Rank:Athro ●●●●
Tribe:Glass Walkers
Sept: Oak Vale, Wales
Sept Position:None curently
OOC Information
Player: Garfield
Membership #: WTGUK0011-0996
Membership Domain: WTG
Coordinator:WTG TW DC
Storyteller:TW Apocalypse VST

Deanna KnightDKoilspill.png

Glass Walkers Ragabash HomidSept of Oak Vale

Notable Traits

  • She is 5 ft 7
  • About 135 lbs
  • Shoulder-length blue hair (dyed of course),
  • Lives in Holyhead, Anglesey.
  • Often wearing red biker leathers and riding a motorbike.
    Dianna on bike


From Wisconsin, USA, moved to the UK in 2009, to Wales, Ise of Anglesey. Preffering the urban environment, she spends most of her time in Holyhead, racers motorbikes in the local circuits and is known to be a "tech-head"

Time Line

  • 2012 = becomes a Cliath by the Den Parent
  • 2013 = Wins her Assasin Tag Challenge set, becomes Fostern
  • 2015 = Assigned the Big Business challenges, it takes her many months of hard graft and a few failures but she manages it. Becomes Adren
  • 2017 = Behind Enemy Lines, is challenged… the exact details are not publicly known, she wins her challenge

Current Activities

  • Just arrived back in Wales

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PC Inspirations

  • Open roads and riding motorbikes