Deeded That Asshole

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Ragabash is both blessing and curse, duties filled of lessons in pranks, stealthy scouts and skilled assassins.

Annoying taunters of Alphas.

New meets now, introductions of wily Omega of pack and new Garou to Sept. I missed the meetings but hear stories by Beta and Omega.

As said by the ragabash, ‘So the Athro Shadow Lord that showed up, blew her Honor, long and hard, an introduction with me.”

Implied giggity of the Omega, “So I introduced myself and she asked what she could call me and I proceeded to quip back with ‘Asshole’.”

Asshole they all got to know.

One referred to Omega as an asshole and the Beta replied, “No, he’s not an asshole, he’s THAT Asshole.”

As such, this tale implies, that our Omega from this point will be deeded, That Asshole.

Executioner's Resolve
Cursed by Flux
Galliard of the Nation
Adren of the Uktena
Alpha of the Black Turtle Pack
Member of the Sept of the Rising Moon