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Player: Adam Elm (CA2008120101)
Domain: Vancouver, BC
VST: Valeria S.

Notice:This PC has been retired from play
Name:Victor Crest, "Deep Walker"
Tribe & Breed:Uktena, Homid
Sept:Better Options, Vancouver BC
Position:Master of the Rite
Pack:Those Left Behind

    Victor "Deep Walker" Crest is an Uktena who exemplifies his tribes rumored tendency to delve into the unknown and forbidden.

    A scholar of all things Wyrm, Deep Walker has journeyed to Malfeas and returned to tell the tale.
"Hello darkness, my old friend. I've come to talk with you again."
- Simon & Garfunkel
Further Information
Notable Traits
    • Missing left eye
    • Raspy voice
    • Keeper of the Old Ways & Wyrmspeak
    • Master of all Wyrm lores
Known History
    • 1981 - Born to Uktena mother & Kinfolk father
    • 1996 - First change, officially joins Salmon’s Glimmer Sept in Stanley Park
    • 2000 - Joins a forming Pack, becoming great friends with the Alpha
    • 2001 - Chooses a kinfolk mate
    • 2002 - Pack, mate, and parents lost during the fall of Salmon’s Glimmer
    • 2011 - Joins the newly forming Better Options Sept
    • Diana, "Stinging Wind", "Avenging Death", "Mother of Strays", Pack Alpha
    • Dottie, Pack Mate
    • TBD, Seeking ties
    • How can we trust a Garou who so willingly delves into the lores of the Wyrm? Who has been tainted so deeply, so often, and would do so again without hesitation? It's only a matter of time until he betrays us all, if he hasn't already.
    • His wife is a Spiral Kin, and he has a Spiral son! We can't trust that they aren't where his true loyalties lie.
    • What have you heard?
    • "I often feel that I am alone in my torment. However, Deep Walker manages to find darkness in which to tread that even I would reconsider visiting." - Alex Drake