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Name: Dei "Day of the Stag" Garron
Tribe: Fianna
Auspice: Ahroun
Pack: Menagerie
Sept: TBA Dallas
Faction: Concordat of Stars
Notable Traits: Bitten, Irish accent

Physical Description: Human form Dei has hazel eyes, Copper/Bronze hair, irish accent. Her lupine forms are large, especially for a female, with brick red fur.


Personal History

    Let me tell you about the one I christened “Day of the Stag”, Dei Garron. Her mother was kinfolk, a bit odd, a little off.  She fully believed that Dei was destined to become the greatest of Gaia's favored, and named her so, sort of. For those of you who don’t speak latin (and these days, who does?) Dei translates to “of God” or “Belonging to God” and through such wonderful kismet or what have you, Garron should sound oddly similar to a word we all know and cherish, so there is that. Now I know what you’re thinking, God and Gaia aren’t the same, but somehow, in this woman’s head, they were. 
Now you would expect a girl raised by such a woman to be …. A bit off too. Well, somehow, this girl, though more than a small bit chagrined by her name if you pursue the subject with her, became the light of our group. Accepting of everyone, if you were one of hers, you knew it, you felt the power of her care. She would be the first to jump to protect her own, even before any Garou could act. She wasn’t always the best fighter, but that never seemed to stop her. She was always up to drink, or fight, or sing, or dance, or… well you get the picture. Always quick with a song or a laugh, and a penchant for creating things as so many of our family are, everyone expected her to become one of our best Galliards. Everyone agreed, it was like getting a rare glimpse of a legend before they even became a Garou.
One of her favorite people was Shra, the group’s metis. A sweet girl a bit more than than half as old as Dei, a bit slow, born with fawn horns upon her head. Looked to become a striking woman, at least, if not for the obvious. Most of us treated this girl as metis are always treated within our society, so I suppose Dei did her best to make up for all that. Dei was never stupid enough to mouth off to us Garou, but she would always put her arm around her, lead her somewhere else, and distract her, any way she could.
Anyways, it was one such occasion, Dei wrestling and generally roughhousing with her, when Shra accidentally bit her. Back then we hadn’t heard of kinfolk being turned through the bite yet. Shra shifted back to homid, staring in horror at what she had done. Dei ran to her, scooped her up, hugging her, cuddling her, refusing to let her go. Here we all thought she was dead, and here she was, comforting Shra, rocking the girl back and forth like one would a child.
Shra started out visiting Dei every day, but as Dei worsened, she began to refuse to see her. Dei’s mother faithfully tending to her child, convinced this wasn’t her end. Now for those that don’t know us, we’re what’s known as Travellers, or Gypsies if ye will. We use mostly motorhomes, which aren’t exactly known to be the most soundproof. There wasn’t a soul among us that hadn’t been affected by Dei. Her smile brightened the day of every one of us, at one time or another, and as the sickness worsened, her screams pierced us all. Each shriek a sharp point driving home that we would never see that smile again. Never sing a drunken ballad, with her sultry voice drowning out our bad ones; even when she were just as drunk as the rest of us, she never sounded bad, until that horrid month.
By the end of the month, the Garou had had enough, unable to sit around listening to her suffering any longer, upset and angry at their impending loss, they were spoiling for a fight, and left to find one with a nest of the Dancers. One left behind like a Sept, to protect the cubs and kin. An old as dirt Galliard that had seen better days, but then again, the others were leaving to find the fight elsewhere, right? And yet, as Dei’s screams of pain echoed through the night, those Dancers prowled through the trailer park towards us. Those of my charges unfortunate enough to be further away fell or ran. I am ashamed to admit I failed to hear anything but Dei’s screams as they turned into howls of pain. As I finally saw the demented glee in the faces of the Dancers surrounding us, Dei let out one last howl, carrying through the night with something other than pain. A war cry from a predator scenting blood in the air. Everyone of us turned to her trailer as a red and gold streak sped past us, straight for one of the Dancers, taking even him by surprise. I caught an after image of a stag as she ran ploughed into him, running on all fours, a flurry of teeth and claws.
The scene devolved from there, we took losses, but by Gaia, they paid dearly for them. The pack had heard Dei’s war cry, realized where it had come from, and raced back in time to help finish the battle. Our theurges then turned to Dei and worked as quickly as possible, hoping to pull her from her death rage. It was difficult, but somehow they managed. As she shifted back to her natural form, she sank to her knees, a look of stunned bewilderment on her face. Our pack howled with delight, all of us simultaneously tackling her in some wonderful group hug dog pile mass of joy. There were few dry eyes as we heard her hearty laugh again.
Our Alpha gave us a minute, then set us to cleaning up, a task which sobered us all. Toward the edge of our area, where it meets the surrounding wilderness, I found a body I had hoped to not find. I rolled the body into view slowly, dreading the sight. Shra had been killed, but beyond death by Garou, it was not readily apparent who had killed her. I began to turn her back, hoping against hope that Dei would not see, but a choked shriek behind me informed me I again was too late. She stumbled towards the corpse, finally collapsing to her knees beside the body of her friend. She reached out slowly, cautiously, as if afraid to hurt her. Not another sound came from Dei, not as she cradled what was left of her friend, nor during the funeral. Once the grave was filled, Dei shifted to lupus form, holding vigil for a full week. I suspect she favored lupus to avoid talking to anyone.
After that, the light in Dei seemed almost gone. No more did she smile much at all, let alone laugh, sing, drink. She dove headlong into learning the necessities of being Garou. I named her Day of the Stag, after her glorious change. She made a stag necklace and bracelet shortly after, but I am not entirely certain it is not also meant as a memorial to her friend as well. Once she had learned all she needed to, she packed and took to the road alone. I think she needed to get away from everything that reminded her of Shra.


  • "Western sun rises." - You
  • "Rends the web." - You
  • "Packmate." - You



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Dei Garron

Tribe: Fianna
Auspice: Ahroun
Domain: Lone Star Nights (TX-058-D)
Player: Stevi Nicole M.
VST: Jeremy

Name: Stevi Nicole M.
Member Number: US2011037473
Domain: Dallas, TX