Deirdre ni Meilge

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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Deirdre ni Meilge

Notable Traits: Graceful and full of poise, there is a sadness to her step. Her beauty is that of the newly come spring, crushed before the onslaught of unending winter.

Court: Seelie

Kith: Sidhe

Title: Queen of Willows

House: Eiluned


The Queen of Willows is the daughter of Regent Meilge, who is currently running the Fae Courts in the absence of a new High King. Eiluned shares the same founder as Ailil, though Eiluned is known as more of a Seelie House. She took the Throne after her father Meilge became Regent of Concordia about 8 years ago.



  • She has a reputation of being fair, just, and nearly as terrifying as Mariana. Nearly. But then Mariana turned out to be a diabolical traitor...
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OOC Information

Storyteller: ANST Apocalypse

Storyteller Email:

Location: Kingdom of Willows