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Be a woman with a mind. A bitch with an attitude. And a lady with class.


Name: Delilah Carter

Position: None

Sept: Warrior's Wisdom

Notable Traits: Feathers in her hair, Southern accent

Moreau's Menagerie: Katie Roman, Nikolai Vasiliev, Alice Barnum


Delilah is a short woman with a curvy build. Her red hair is usually worn in a faux-hawk these days and she has black streaks in her hair, as well as black feathers. Like all Corax, her eyes are black, though she changes them to blue on occasion. She usually wears sunglasses either way.

Her clothing tends towards her lifetime on motorcycle, usually consisting of black leather pants, boots, and a cut down band t-shirt, tank top, or off the shoulder shirt, always in black. A leather and denim jacket bearing the patches of MMMC is never too far away, though rarely in her own possession.

The tendency towards feathers extends to her jewelry, though they are likely to be silver as real feathers hanging from her ears. She also wears one red and one gold mini-hoop in her top ear piercings. She occasionally has an eyebrow or nose piercing, but their presence is so arbitrary that it can be hard to tell if they are real or part of the same illusion that gives her blue eyes. What is not arbitrary are her rings. Two silver ones, one on each hand, and on her right thumb, a ring made of a guitar string.

Adrift on the Wind

Known History
Delilah doesn't talk much about her past, certainly not about her past before she was around 18. But since then, she has been based with her family, a group known as The Conspiracy, first out of Savannah, then Columbus beginning in 2015. She founded the pack known as Moreau's Menagerie, though quickly passed leadership off to others, as Delilah seems somewhat allergic to authority. She does have a tendency to pick up those in need, especially Fera struggling to find their place in the world and young women doing the same.

Moreau's Menagerie: The Club



Allies and Enemies

The Conspiracy


The Conspiracy is a loose family of predominantly female Corax and Kin based in Georgia. They lived in Savannah for years until the rising Sanctum of Gaia presence encouraged them to relocate to Columbus. They are overseen by an older relative referred to as Auntie and the girls are universally referred to as Cousin. While there is always a core of around a dozen, many members of The Conspiracy have moved on after brief or long stays, finding their own places in the world. All are welcome, however. The girls tend to work night jobs so they can sleep and revel in Helios’ light, and visitors have often commented on the number of men and women who come home with them, only to be kicked out after breakfast.

If you're interested in your PC being a former member of the Conspiracy, email Jenn Cross at All Corax are welcome!

The Best Things in Life are Dangerous: Motorcycles and Women.

Wise Words, Wise Birds

  • You are who you are, sugar. You can either learn to love that or spend your life fightin' it. Down one road lies happiness and down the other lies pain. You can choose pain if you want...but personally, I'd rather be happy. - Delilah's advice to everyone searching for their way.
  • Alice Barnum - "Greatest trickster I ever met, and I'm from the South. She's the kind you meet on a foggy night when you lost at a crossroads, offering up helpful advice and directions. Careful now...Her smile don't mean what you think it does."
  • Katie Roman - "Katie Long-Legs...Lordy that child. I spend half my time pulling her out of fights she don't need to be in or following her into fights she won't let go. Not cause she's an angry soul, you ain't met a sweeter child. But she's noble and shit, she's got principles. And since we share a house and she keeps me from starving to death, the least I can do is back her up. Not that she needs me...but it never hurts to have an escape Bird."
  • Nikolai Vasiliev - "Here, Kitty, Kitty."

Opinions are like assholes...



  • "Delilah has a huge heart, offset by a sharp tongue and a desire to protect those who are part of her Conspiracy. She's helped raise me, and teach me. She's helped me learn to embrace all that I am, without hesitation or embarrassment." - Katie "Blades of Rapture" Roman
  • "Yo, I met this Chick, She waz cool as Shit. We should chill sometime. " - Faceless
  • "Words Go Here" - Name
  • "Words Go Here" - Name
  • "Words Go Here" - Name
  • "Words Go Here" - Name

Lies and Slander...and maybe some truth...


  • Delilah only sleeps with married/mated shifters.
  • She's one of those Carters
  • She's the silent alpha of Moreau's Menagerie
  • Delilah moonlights as a radio show hostess.
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OOC Information

Player: Jenn Eiland

Player Email:

Storyteller: Connor N.

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Location: Phoenix, AZ

Pronouns: Delilah's pronouns are she/her.

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