Deliverance Dane

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General Information

Name: Deliverance Dane Halvarsdottir

Brief Description: Seer of Fates

Positions: Former Archbishop of Ocean City, Ductus of Prison Rules

Sire: Halvar Khylanson

Known Aliases: Dee Dee, Great Dane, Sage Lothe, Bryn

Clan: Gangrel Antitribu

Sect: Sabbat

Morality: Path of Orion

OOC Information

Player: Kat Cawley


Character Location: Ocean City, MD

Deliverance Dane


Known History

An enigmatic nomad, Deliverance has travelled most of her life with other Gangrel in the Sabbat. She is a well known seer among her own tribe. Once belonging to the loyalist faction, it is surprising to many that she “settled down” in Ocean City, MD as the Archbishop in recent nights as a moderate. She the ability to make connections with individuals across political perspectives and natures, and openly practices her form of ritual and magic. The Völva was considered a Seiðr - a type of sorcery practiced utilizing varying forms of drugs. There were seiðr rituals for divination and clairvoyance; for seeking out the hidden, both in the secrets of the mind and in physical locations; for healing the sick; for bringing good luck; for controlling the weather; for calling game animals and fish. Importantly, it could also be used for the opposite of these things – to curse an individual or an enterprise; to blight the land and make it barren; to induce illness; to tell false futures and thus to set their recipients on a road to disaster; to injure, maim and kill, in domestic disputes and especially in battle. A völva was just as respected as much as her prophecies were feared. The Norse völva was set apart from her wider society, both in a positive and a negative sense. Deliverance is set apart from other Gangrel in this way, but is very much aligned with the clan in terms of her connection with the earth, her passion, and her unwavering loyalty.


  • "She is a devouted follower to Caine, and we share an outlook that I think most don't understand. I met her before a battle, and we stood on a line and I think that was the first time I realized the Sabbat would be okay." - Gabriel Thompson

  • "We met at the Synod, and I think we understood each other. Since then, I have fought and organized beside her and have seen a light breaking through the darkest of the growing abyss, defending the Sword and the faith at all cost. She is someone to believe in. And someone all enemies of the Sword should have nightmares of." - Valerie Evans

  • "Loyal, truthful, resourceful, charismatic, beautiful, honourable. What else could we ask of a sister of the Sabbat that Deliverance Dane is not already?" - Tiziano Farnese

  • "Feirce, inspiring, and fearless, I have fought by her side twice now and would gladly do it again! I can see why Valerie Evans speaks so highly of her!" - Daniel

  • "Momma Dane found me when I'd all but lost my mind from spending too much time as a wolf. She took me in and knocked the sense back into my head. I'll never forget what she did for me. If I beat her to Valhalla you bet your existance I'll be saving a spot for her." - Lukas
  • "The one known as Deliverance Dane has caught the eye Roach, and Roach looks forward to future meeting." -Roach

  • "I met many of the Sabbat recently, but Archbishop Dane is one whom has my respect the most. True love lost is a circumstance I am familiar with, and in her grief I see strength. In her rage I hear the call of the hard road, the high road. In her enduring love, I see a sister prepared to shape that loss for others, and not let it shape her into something lesser. Perhaps it is my Brujah blood, old blood of the eldest line, but I perceive the terrible greatness of the burden noble Temoch placed upon her, and I know already that Deliverance has the will and grace to give purpose to his selfless act." - Amyntas

  • " I don't know her very well, but, she seems like she means what she says, like she does what she says she will, and that there's a depth to her that a lot of Sabbat lack. Maybe I'm a sucker for tragic cases, but, I think that if she asked for help, I'd help her. Also, she doesn't talk down to Loyalists, which, makes her worth talking to." - Mordechai

  • "We have had the honor of fighting at her side in Ocean City. There is something about her that commanded respect, her steps unwavering, her stare resolute until total victory was achieved. Now I know, from what I have heard, that she was blessed by the now-fallen Regent, whom she loved more than any soldiers of the Sword I have known or will ever know and for this reason we will answer her call when she calls for the head of our enemies once more." - KK Ryder

  • " There are Cainites whose purpose is laid before them with dignity, and there are Cainites whose purpose is ripped from them through pain and bloodshed. Archbishop Deliverance Dane is one who's purpose has revealed itself through pain and bloodshed...I look forward to the consequences she will rain down on those who ripped this purpose from her and placed it at her feet." - Vox Umbra
  • "I have seen her lead against the infernal in Ocean city, and stand in defense of the cairn on Martinique, I have never seen such bravery, skill, and ferocity that matches Deliverance Dane. I hope she finds her peace one day, she has earned it." - William Carver

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  • Generally calm and collected, some events have pushed her over the edge of her patience or tolerance. It is rumored at times she has killed indiscriminately when in these fits of madness - though has not yet broken the code of Milan in doing so.

  • The pain of loss is felt uniquely to all members of the sword...but none felt the loss of Temoch the Jackal as strongly or as painfully as Deliverance Dane. After all-they were lovers who were to be betrothed on the night of his death in a secret ceremony. Why else was she wearing such a beautiful wedding gown?