Delta Dawn

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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Delta Dawn, She Ain't One To Gossip

Rank Fostern

Breed Homid

Tribe Bone Gnawer

Auspice Galliard

Pack: City Stewards

Society: Concordat of Stars

Sept: Sept of Reborn Dreams


Delta was a regular south side girl in St. Louis. She lived down off South Broadway and her family always had some big german shepherd looking dogs. One of them, Misty, was always getting out and running off but would show up again a week or two later. Right after high school Delta had a job down at the Velvet Freeze and was walking home one night when some rowdy hoosiers started messing with her. She saw red. Literally. And when she woke up, her Aunt Misty was sitting with her and had a lot of explaining to do. Delta moved on after the big flood in 93 and bounced around from town to town, sept to sept. She never did really live up to expectations, on account of her laid-back nature. But sometimes when need comes a knocking, you finally get up off the couch and answer.

Now Delta Dawn ain't one to gossip. She mostly sits around and plays that little ukulele. But she's watching you and you better believe she's got your number. When the time comes to speak up, she'll do it too. And sometimes the truth hurts.


  • She can literally eat anything.
  • She is a famous karaoke singer
  • She lives with a guy named Oscar. He's a real grouch.

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OOC Information

Player: Sandra S.

Player Email: garbageandflowers at gmail

Storyteller: Ami L.

Storyteller Email: sfgarou at gmail

Location: San Francisco, CA