Demeter's Reckoning

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Name: Sierra “Demeter’s Reckoning” Argyris, THE RECKLESS (moniker)

Rank: Fostern

Auspice: Ahroun

Breed: Homid

Society: Condordiat of Stars

"I know what it's like. You think you matter, you think you're a part of something, but then it’s over. It's like the world's still moving, but you're stuck. Like those animals in the tar pits. You're sinking a little deeper every day, and nobody even sees!" ―Faith Lehane

Everyone Knows


Sexy bull-dyke anyone? Reckoning frequently appears stoned, drunk, hungover or some horrific combination of all three. She favors bright lipstick, and dark eyeliner, which she’ll wear for days at a time. A gun is usually at her hip, for better or worse.


Loud and aggressive, you’ll always know what she’s thinking and who she wants to fuck. Gifted warrior, when she isn’t completely shitfaced.


You wish.


Her older brother and closest companion, Nicky “Heals the Minds Wounds” Argyris is her half-brother and personal Yoda. If he can’t keep her out of trouble, rest assured no one can.

Can sometimes be found in the company of Thomas “Long Death” Koning. There's a rumor the two have a kid together. Did they have a thing?

Pavel Vaseiliev is supposedly her dad? That apple didn’t even fall on the same planet.

Magda “Mother of Fera” Ricker, a well-known and prolific Kinfolk Den Mother raises Reckoning’s three kids on a ranch near Macon, GA.

Reckoning is known to have posed nude (Fame 1) for the famous and now iconic album cover, “Birthing Pains” by Corey “Blockbuster” Gaines. The star will frequently write poetry about her, claiming her to be his muse. Reckoning reportedly tolerates this garbage in exchange for acid.


Reckoning used to be an Adren, but lost rank because of her erratic and frequently disrespectful behavior.

Doesn’t have a pack, because they told her she had to go to rehab. Supposedly she sung back “no, no no”, flipped them the bird, and left.

Will do anything Yiayia says, because Black Fury Elders (and their yelling) is apparently Reckoning's only Achilles heel.

Has five kids from different dads, and probably a metis or two no one knows about.

Say What You Mean

Write ‘em if you got ‘em.

Excerpt from a sonnet written by Corey "Blockbuster" Gaines
Striking at a distance, or at a glance,
Her beauty is a roaring bonfire;
Steel eyes pierced my heart; a sharp silver lance
Yet the only pain is my desire.
She cannot be chained; my pulse quickening
She is peerless, Demeter’s Reckoning.

"Heedless of risks, reckless means. Brave to the point of madness. Persistent beyond reason, even. A better adjective to describe my sister, I cannot think of." Nicky “Heals the Minds Wounds” Argyris, Fostern Uktena Theurge

Mixed Tape

"My Chick Bad" by Ludacris
"Hell’s Bells" by AC/DC

Ooc info

Player: Lacey C.
Domain: FL-040-D, though Reckoning is not affiliated with any pack or Sept, and her char sheet resides on the Puerto Rico digital domain
ST: Eddie S